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ZNullPtr on status of PS5 exploits


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21 Responses

  1. NakedFaerie says:

    I keep saying the PS scene is full of ungrateful ***holes.
    Started back in the PSP, PS3 scene and still there now.

  2. first says:


    • NakedFaerie says:

      yea, the first ***.
      I was actually first and first with an intelligent comment and reply too.

  3. nigredo says:

    9.03 jailbreak? 0-o

  4. Andy says:

    He’s behind the latest 9.00 Jailbreak. Not 9.03 😉

  5. Scott darby says:

    Hello again and thanks for another fantastic read. I think I found a typo “ZNullPtr is, among other things, one of the developers behind the latest PS4 9.03 Jailbreak” this could hype up the ‘ETA WEN’ people out there lol

  6. rando says:

    The “ungrateful folks” in question dwell in the comment sections on this site… And Twitter.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      They are the “first” posters who have absolutely no intelligence and original thoughts but to troll with “first’ posts on every article.
      If I was a mod here I would ban them, a complete IP, EMAIL, ACCOUNT ban. All that *** does is fill the forums with 1 million “firsts” posts which aren’t helpful, useless, a waste of space, time, effort, and you have to ask WHY do they do it? Are they that stupid? Do they hate this site that much?
      I dont see “first” posts anywhere else but here. I’m guessing is wololo doesn’t ban then for some unknown reason? cant or wont, unsure why. Or hes a glory hound and just wants more people to visit his site even if it is trolls.

      I usually read the topic and go elsewhere to get the story as I’m not interested in the trolls here and the waste of life posting in the comments. So I dont visit here much. Just read on my fakebook timeline and usually another better site has the same article and i read it there.

      • rando says:

        Search engines like Google looks at things such as page engagement to favor it in the algorithm. My adblocker says the site has Google analytics. Maybe that’s why nothing happens?
        I think the best you could do is use a spam filter which I don’t even know if Disqus has.

        Also I didn’t mean to complain about those comments being here. Look at the comment section of any other popular blog – and you can say the same thing. I just treat is as white noise at this point.

        • wololo says:

          I basically block comments that are extremely offensive. Things such as people posting “lol” or “first” are annoying, but not insulting, threatening, racist, etc… . I’m not going to spend my days policing random stuff like that, I have better things to do, so I’m letting these people have their fun.

  7. LG says:

    This post says 9.03 JB when it was 9.00 latest

    • NakedFaerie says:

      wow, again.
      Thats the 2nd “first” post from you and its about 8th post. What was this the next day after the article was posted? Your way late to the party and everyone has already left… TROLL!!!

  8. Andreas B. says:


  9. Youffie says:

    I can’t believe the nerve on those people always demanding something like they were deserving of it !

  10. Charles Fasano says:

    I have 3 PS4 Pros. 2 that I can hack and one for online. Unfortunately PS5’s are hard to find for MSRP so I only have one to go online.

    People need to chill. If they want “hackz NoW”, they can buy the hardware needed to snoop the consoles and see how hard it is to find exploits themselves. I know where my limits lie so I let the experts do their thing.

  11. Mr M says:

    I really wish people would take the time to read exploit details and how it was executed there would be more of an appreciation
    I mean, even if they’d learn some basic *** like LUA and code execution on Cheat engine,

    I was so excited when they released a hex editor on the PS4 and the PSP started creating my own codes from the get go..

    Did i know how to? Ofc not i was a 13 year old noob but determination and the idea of your own code running on a machine was exciting.

    The problem we have here is the fact that %85 of the new fugs are just here to steal the latest method to running pirated games. ( i get it i really do, especially if your’re poor) BUT if you’re going to leech from devs who have put many hours of hard unpaid work into this you’d better be f**king grateful because it’s THEIR CHOICE to allow you to do these things. Without them you’d be stuck on call of duty buying modded controllers thinking you’re a *** G.

  12. CharlesInThisBitch says:

    Wanna trade a PS4 PRO for a PS5 mate? PS5 is v3.20