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PS5 Firmware 5.00 (22.01-05.00.00) and PS4 Firmware 9.50 released – As always, avoid updating if possible


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15 Responses

  1. Juganga says:

    I havent been updating my PS5 since Nov, i really hope TheFlow will do us good here

  2. Firstus says:


  3. fucktus says:

    Ps5 jailbreak wont happen, at least with what we got so far. no reason to stay low either. This will liely be the first non hackable console gen

  4. ps5offliner says:

    lets hope for that jailbreak soon >< haven't updated since last year November. without online i barely have turned on my ps5, it's collecting dust even though i want to play heck let loose multilayer T^T

  5. Its me Mario says:

    Trophy cards looks nice

  6. crackdown 3 xbox one 9.0 vaccinated hdd says:

    I hope that ps5 and xsx will be not hacked only xbox one s tb will be hack

  7. Red-eye Jedi says:

    Well I managed to secure a new PS5 using Sony’s lottery so my first one will stay at 4.30 but I do not see a JB coming anytime soon for the PS5. There is a new unknown security layer. That even a kxploits are not enough. I kept my first PS4 on 1.76 for years.

  8. Who Cares says:

    Is that little robot humping the controller?

  9. Joao says:

    Waiting ps4 9.04 jailbreak.

  10. dubidubi says:

    Are you dumb ? The console was already kexploited. It just the question of when it will be released.

    • Red-eye y says:

      Apparently you haven’t been keeping up with the scene. Kexploit and webkit are not enough to hack the PS5. Sony added another totally unknown layer protection.

  11. Anondumbass says:

    What’s crazy about the PS5 is I can play games without PSN and download patches and just bypass the firmware update.

    Sony really *** up by not making everything force a firmware update if you have an internet connwt

  12. cr says:

    anyone know what ps5 firmware the new horizon forbidden west bundle is arriving on?