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Vita2hos (running PS Vita games on Nintendo Switch) 0.2 alpha released


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14 Responses

  1. hawkity says:

    Vita2Hoes Baby!!!

  2. QueDato says:

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) I own a Vita, and I think it is way more portable than Switch so I will stay with him, but is a good thing, maybe we could play play Persona 4 on Switch. I think this game and maybe Uncharted is worthy too (I bought my Vita only for P4 and PSP/PSX games), the majjority of the Vita games already run on Switch but with better performance.

    • SwitchForTheWINNNN!! says:

      An Nintendo Switch is more capable and powerful than a PS Vita, so you would get better performance. If you have an OLED switch, you basically have an upgraded PS Vita

    • M says:

      Lmao, vita it still much better than garbage switch, because it has a glass screen. It’s complete fail for Nintendo

      • Cecil says:

        Actually Nintendo did that on purpose, so they can sell the temper glass protector as an accessory.

      • CopeSomeMore says:

        L2 + R2 + L3 + R3 > Glass screen
        Deal with it, I’m glad that I’ll finally be able to play those damn vita games that required you to use the damn rear pad

    • Good Day to You says:

      To the interest of buyers, people would like to “deal with” the best deal.

  3. Fuuka says:


    • Avatarmech24 says:

      Imagiene playing with sony after they cennsor anime games

    • Cecil says:

      Well, the fact is Sony quit the handheld market after PSV, leaving Switch being the only surviving device in the market. Steam Deck is the new comer who wants in on this game, but I doubt it could really hit it off…

  4. crackdown 3 xbox one 9.0 vaccinated hdd says:

    I hate swinech

  5. N00b says:

    Can this be ported to Android?

  6. N00b says:

    Can it be ported to Ndroid?

  7. YaMomma says: