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  1. The White Tyger says:

    Not going by your word entirely, as I don’t know. I’ve not delved into the history thereof, but if so Thabks so much for all your work and efforts, Fred.

    You’re invaluable work will live on to help countless future knowledge seekers to understand and unlock the secrets of consoles far more than any generation beforehand.

  2. The White Tyger says:

    Kriky, I can’t spell in my appreciation comment. Definitely going to be looking up and keeping a future eye out.

    Once more, THANKS for your hard work and efforts in keeping information free and not erased from history!

  3. Quackdoc says:

    Looking forward to seeing this thrive. seen a lot of various wikis. I would love to see a good go to resource for repair myself.

  4. bolo says:

    Famicom deserves a separate section, I mean… there is hardly if any overlap of mods done with FC and NES evven though they are the same platform.

    • Derf says:

      You’re probably right – NES/Famicom difference is more significant than other consoles’ NTSC/PAL differences. I’ll talk that over with the team.

  5. golephish says:

    Went to Vita, everything has a line throught it . I guess I didn’t read

  6. Imagine being named Fred LMAO.

  7. iCON says:

    So what’s the difference between this Wiki and PSDevWiki and the *brew wikis? Not that all info is duplicated

    • Derf says:

      Well, the devwikis are exactly that – a wiki for developers. Most of the information is irrelevant and overwhelming for the typical modder and they generally don’t have easy to understand walkthroughs. The *brew wikis are better with that, but they also omit any information that can be possibly used for piracy reasons (even though they have legitimate use cases). We don’t endorse piracy but it’s a shame people can’t find info on USBloaderGX – more or less the most heavily used “dashboard” for Wii.

  8. gumbo says:

    This is awesome, I always thought it would be great if there was one site that contained all info about console mods instead of having 100 bookmarks and searching for archived stuff. I hope the site will grow to be the #1 source!

    • Derf says:

      The tricky thing with Archive and forum searches is that you have to know what you’re looking for. Hoping CM helps people learn all the possible things they can do with their consoles with one glance at a page. Thanks for the sentiments 🙂

  9. FFTW says:

    I used to be a very active member of (RIP). That site was a goldmine chuck full of tutorials on pretty much everything. It is gone now, but I think the Waybackmachine should allow you to find many of its tutorials and preserve them 🙂

    In addition, has some pretty good guides that were posted back in the day, like this one:

    This is a pretty great Idea btw, thanks for implementing it :). I do think you should add a forum section to the site though.

    • Derf says:

      Even worse TheIsoZone went down with a ton of downloads that weren’t captured by Archive. Been on a few wild goose chases to track down programs where everyone just had linked TheIsoZone’s download. It would be great for some people to divide and conquer the Archive backups of the TiZ forums to try and sort it.

      Wow, didn’t know PriceCharting had guides. I’ll have to take a look!

      Regarding a supplemental forum, I think it’s definitely a significant amount of work to have a smoothly-running forum and a moderation team on top of the moderation teams we have for Discord and the site itself. Having both a forum and Discord kind of dilutes both as well, instead of focusing all the collaboration in one place. But, always open to potentially changing things in the future, especially if the discord’s size gets unwieldy in the future.

  10. RastaJedi says:

    This is great to see! The entire gaming/CRT/retro PC communities are all intertwined and it’s about time we finally all have one central place to call home and for an amazing free source of information!!

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work, Derf!

  11. Abdul says:

    Don’t forget xboxhacker & project free60
    So many forums that went down… If only there was a way to really get them now.

    Actually, a short while ago I saw a version of Xbox-scene that was assembled from archive.Org backups and a leaked dB.

    Nonetheless.. You need xboxhacker. I was very young that I couldn’t appreciate it. But someone saw my potential and walked a15yo through jtagging their xbox the hard way(Parallel Port). But I remember the discussions were extremely technical and had many dead ends that I’m sure we can look at with a fresh perspective today with better tools and knowledge we lacked dearly then.

    • Abdul says:

      OMG the formatting

    • Derf says:

      Every site like that goes down is like a punch right in the nostalgia. I totally remember being the super noob on the block 🙂
      Hoping having the wiki format will make things more available instead of having to delve deep in page 53 of a forum to find useful info and be able to have extremely technical talks in the Discord transformed into easy-to-approach guides.

  12. READ says:

    Awesome site. Just used it today to flash my 360 with a raspberry pi pico. Will be using it as well in the future. Thank you for sharing.

  13. Your Dad says:

    Not the heart of console modding, most people interested on this subject have never even heard of

  14. Lb says:

    Thats pretty cool, should add gameboy and more retro consoles because that’s where most of the attention is at atm.

    • Derf says:

      Game Boy is in the “Handhelds” section at the bottom – the tables were a bit too big and odd sized putting them in the other tables. What retro consoles would you want to see?

  15. Zakwarrior says:

    Where is the Switch section??? o.O

    • Derf says:

      Not doing current gen because Nintendo is DMCA happy and XSX/PS5 don’t really have anything yet. This will change in the future.

  16. Joe says:

    Nice website!

  17. Johnny says:

    Some useful tips, but also alot of outdated information

    • Derf says:

      What are you finding to be outdated? Completely obsolete guides get moved to an “obsolete pages” section. There are some old homebrews (such as dashboards or lesser used apps) that are listed there that can still be used today and given as options, but I don’t think there’s really anything super outdated.