PS5 Firmware update 4.51 (21.02-04.51) released. As always, avoid updating if you can.


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11 Responses

  1. Scotty says:

    Woop woop

  2. Anil says:

    Flow, We all know you have a jailbreak for PS5 And you are not releasing it. Why?

    • NakedFaerie says:

      cox he’s a girl and releases nothing. The only way his stuff gets released is by someone else leaking it.
      Then he goes and has a tantrum, hides under his mums skirt till all the bad words are stopped.
      If he grew up, released his work he would get the fame he wants and make everyone happy but no, hes an ***hole and will say what hes got but never release it.
      Oh, and the scene is full of ***holes. I remember back in the PSP days I was working on some awesome homebrew and got completely abused even after sticking up for the scene against a complete ***hole who bricked peoples PSPs, I took down single handedly his forum, took him 6 months to fix the damage I did. Get I get any thanks for what i did? Nope. I didnt ask for it or care. When I said i’m working on some great homebrew what did I get? abused so I didn’t bother releasing it. Worked great. I forgot what it was, it was what 15 years ago? Too much abuse and ***holes in the PS scene to make it any good.
      Look at the other scenes, Wii, Xbox, they were awesome. They get releases and lots of praise, not the PS scene, its just abuse.

      LOL. and I’m not helping with my first line here. Well who cares, it’ll get more abuse before something gets leaked.

    • hakeris says:

      Because sony paid him not to. He’s all about money btw. And the only reason people in the ps4 scene released the exFat exploit is because he reported it and has been patch on 9.03…. There was this one scene dev that kept it since 5.05 because it was a really powerful exploit until got reported… TheFlow got paid 10k for that…

    • PSPDays says:

      Because it’s not worth wasting it this earlier in the console’s cycle? Better to wait until more games are released.

    • Learn history dumb ass says:

      You are stupid he isn’t releasing it because this is like GeoHot and the PS3 all over again.

      He doesn’t get sued and threatened by Sony you absolute imbecile.

  3. Toffe says:

    maybe the “dirty pipe” linux fix ?

  4. NakedFaerie says:

    Think about it. When an exploit comes out that leads to homebrew, CFW, WHATEVER finally gets released is it for the first firmware or pretty close to the newest firmware?

    So if you update then it’ll be good as nothing had been spoken about yet so when there is an exploit its probably not even found yet so it’ll be in a later firmware.

    If your console is online then it’ll probably auto update anyway. If its never online then it wont update so doesn’t matter.

    If you got one sitting in a box, congrats. Keep waiting for an exploit, update to that exploitable firmware and enjoy.
    For me I’ll use the console, update it and enjoy what its made for.
    If I want a console to play homebrew I will use my XboxSeriesX as that plays backups very nicely. They might be PS1,PS2, PSP, many other ROMS but they play great on that console and its not been exploited and still plays everything else as expected.

    With the war between Xbox and PS, the Xbox has won and always will.
    2 letters…. BC. There you go for the win.

  5. crackdown 3 xbox one 9.0 vaccinated hdd says:

    xsx and ps5 means end of piracy

  6. Motaz Marzouk says:

    Something tells me a major ps3- or near Nintendo switch-level hack will eventually come. At least I hope so. Root keys have been found (symmetric as well!!). My concern is that the Fail0verflow might have been, or will be, easily patched with a system update, since obtaining the root keys can be done using software methods.
    But remember, it’s claimed the hackers have hacked the console since week 1, even prior to the existence of FontFace, and up until firmware 4.03. My strong sense of assurance is a major reason why i CANCELLED my recent ps5 order and decided instead to wait for ps5 slim.