PS4/Switch/Linux Release: pEMU 5.1 (NES/SNES/Arcade emulator suite)


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  1. The White Tyger says:

    But is there a 3DS version?

  2. Its me Mario says:

    First and it looks like a nice tool

  3. Juniorpsvita says:

    Psvita version is possible?

  4. Miguel says:

    Para android saldra

  5. this post was written by retroarch gang says:

    Ugh, hate pEMU. It requires exact rom file names and can only play games from a singular romset for each system- no romhacks here. It reminds me of MAME, in a way: both seem to be trying to prevent the end user from actually playing anything with how obtuse their set-up is (Mame doesnt even come with a UI out of the box). But at least with MAME, its understandable that the software is for preservation first. I don’t think pEMU has the same ambitions to warrant such a clunky set-up.

    • bjohndick says:

      retroarch pulls the same *** defaulting to scanning for romsets.

      at least last time I used it you have to basically add/launch romhacks and anything that’s not verified kinda manually.

    • DoCtOrWhO05 says:

      MAME built with .189 source and flags set can handle romhacks. MAME took out that feature to avoid end-user issues going forward, Compile from source for a custom MAME build for max speed and small size.

    • cpasjuste says:

      This is totally false. pfbneo require specific romset as fba and mame (it’s the way it works internally, I won’t explain why here).
      pnes and psnes support any roms you put in the rom folder. But to have roms informations (date, summary, etc…) It needs to have a database which need to be based on a romset… and this is built against the no intro ones which are by far the best one around there. But again, if you put your hacked ROMs they will work, it’s just that you won’t have any info for those ROMs.

      • cpasjuste says:

        And to finish: pEMU doesn’t have any ambition except me having fun with this project (and maybe a few other people too..)

  6. Paolo says:

    Having bot Switch and PS4 pro wich is the best to play, the power of Switch is enough? I would prefer Switch cause is portable and use less energy,,,

  7. hello says:

    RetroArch believes in the same legit dump philosophy as pEMU. Just like pEMU, RetroArch’s automatic search looks at no-intro checksums to identify roms. The only workaround is by manual search. Not to mention you can load them manually.
    It’s the same thing, but at least RetroArch gives you freedom.

    • hello says:

      This was meant as a reply to mr.”this post was written by retroarch gang”
      Oh well….

  8. TiCoKH says:

    It’s a best emulator on Vita, its sad no update in Vita version.

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