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NVidia leak ignites fresh “Switch Pro” rumors, which have more legs than last year’s

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  1. FIRSTUS says:


  2. JamesCameron says:


  3. Firstus says:

    First !

  4. Reggie says:

    The switch is Nintendo’s worst ever console in my eyes. They need to forget this portability *** and go back to making a proper home console again. My switch just sits gathering dust where it has sat for ages.

    • Migo says:

      Nah, Switch is a great as a PORTABLE handheld on 2017. Steam Deck? Well That’s 2022… Great games ( and so others bad, but eh even the Ps4 has bad games ) , Nintendo policies are a bit weird , and unfair, going behind people on a Rampage for copyrights, they still didn’t evolve .
      But the switch is cool, specially if you have a hacked one, because then is also a great PORTABLE emulator for Retro games. If you don’t like yours, is fine, you should sell it to someone that gives value, not everyone will enjoy the same things, and that is ok.

    • smarterTahnYou says:

      the portability is the only reason why its so successful.

    • Jack Attack says:

      It’s more powerful than their previous consoles while also being portable. You people whine but would never support an enthusiast Nintendo console again. Nintendo barely got away with the N64 which brought workstation architecture at home for an astonishingly cheap price. But yeah, you’d TOTALLY buy every game for a Nintendo console that was better than everyone else. TOTALLY. We also totally need Nintendo games to look hyper realistic….

  5. crackdown 3 xbox one 9.0 vaccinated hdd says:

    I hope that switch prostate and oled will be newer cfw

  6. Primero says:


  7. Cecil says:

    Red bull gives you wings

  8. Wiphala says:

    Yes hackers leak nvidia files of dll and diagrams schemes. I hope there is the mariko for someone dev for quicly exploit the nintendo switch software way.

  9. Wickedchew says:

    Maybe its a psvita 2?

    • Migo says:

      Pff, No, Sony left the Vita to die on the handheld market, they didn’t care, and they sc*** up with the freaking proprietary storage, they are always there to push new standards that benefits them only and alienate costumers, but after Blu-Ray is pretty much clear they are not winning Format Wars anymore. To enter the handheld market now, they would reaaaallly need to have something great , and ready to loose a few Billions..

    • Charles Fasano says:

      The PS Vita 2 would be called PSP 3 as the Vita was PSP 2.