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Playstation share details on their upcoming PSVR 2


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9 Responses

  1. bjohndick says:

    admittedly i have very limited VR experience but 90 hz is a good mininum, it may not be perfect for most people but dear god 60 hz or below is so painful I do not recommend anybody use it for VR.

  2. seanp2500 says:

    i think people knocking vr just never had a good experience in vr. I enjoyed re7 in vr very much. I notice some games do give me this queasy feeling. I notice some do not. But when psvr has been enjoyable for me it defined my ps4 experience. It was the totally unique console in this regard last gen. It’s all about setup. I ended up designing my game environments AROUND psvr. This let’s you know it is totally worth it. I changed my life around it. I didn’t do that for the power pad. Or sega cd. Or the wii. You name it. psvr made me change how I approach a game setup entirely. If you are on the fence don’t listen to the people bad mouthing it. gosh 85% is lost and you know this anyway…

  3. Frostvi3n says:

    Really what was the sea sick issue with PSVR , i have an ACER WMR , been playing with it for 6 hours constantly and never an issue like this , only that i got tired of throwing my hands here and there. i hope this PSVR at least be something useful , the old one is just eating dust in the box and after a few use started too loose the eye rest and all

  4. Randomly Random says:

    Pick up some ginger capsules for motion sickness, take 2 about an hour before VR. They’re cheap. Also have a fan blowing on you while you’re in VR. It helps a lot.