Webkit vulnerability reported still not patched on PS4 9.04. When should you expect a Jailbreak for 9.04/9.50?


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  1. The H Hunter says:

    Where’s the H from “when”?

  2. nash leonhart says:

    Its a trap!!!

  3. Motaz Marzouk says:


  4. Motaz Marzouk says:

    Honestly, I’m more concerned about PS5 jailbreaking news. But yeah, promising progress here in the ps4 scene.

  5. Donald says:


  6. tracer22jhayahr says:

    Do you think that there will come a time when there will be no more kernel exploit can be found on a PS4 system? Hoping the 9.0 JB release won’t be the last. Just recenlty buy a 2nd hand PS4 but sadly its on 9.03. 🙁

  7. Firstus McFirst says:


  8. Boe Jiden says:

    Please moderator, remove useless comment/ comedy like “first”

  9. Fifur says:

    I wish they release it soon so we can play the new Horizon game

  10. Firstus says:


  11. Ligma Bahlz says:

    Great article!

  12. Hunter 9.00 says:

    Wololo is right. I patiently waited last year when the rumours first came of 9.00 and this month I’ve been enjoying Bloodborne 60fps hack and Final Fantasy X Undub hack on my PS4 Pro.

    Patience people.

  13. spok says:

    What about first fully offline PS4 jaiblreak like we have on PS3 wihthout using Wifi or LAN or some custom dongle so we can just start it and play straight away? oO

  14. Alty says:

    Good job! Thanks for the links

  15. Charles Fasano says:

    I have a brand new launched day PS4 Pro on 3.7X still waiting to be hacked. Just haven’t had the time. I could let it go for the right price. I controller that come with it I had to give to my sister when her COD BO III controller became victim of the drifts and Sony does not do paid replacements of out of warranty controllers.

  16. Jesse H says:

    Will there be a jailbreak for 9.03 ?