PS4 EMC CFW. What’s it all about?

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  1. jajabinx35 says:

    So glad that one guy hasn’t posted already . Finally beaten him in the comments

  2. Segundo says:


  3. Cybereu says:

    This is all pretty cool, but I’m getting anxious because ps5 jailbreak, I update the site about 30 times a day

  4. crackdown 3 xbox one 9.0 says:

    ps4 slim rocks

  5. Cypherous says:

    I mean, we all know andrew is going to make a clickbait video about this and end up bricking someones console right?

  6. Its me Mario says:

    Love to have a ps4 with a normal CFW like the old days

  7. lollypop says:

    PS4 EMC CFW-enabled orbital-bios biosloader modchip the outer banks 256GB microSD
    this little project of mine

  8. senas8 says:

    It would be cool if we could use this to auto boot the jailbreak process.. so we don’t have to insert usb and do all that. It would be worth it.

    • Xbox fan says:

      No need to worry about auto boot if you have an Xbox.

      • Xbox is GAY says:

        Too bad Xbox doesn’t have any jailbreaks, cause nobody cares about it

        • Xbox fan says:

          No need for the hate. You should go grab a Xbox and learn to chill.

        • dialtone says:

          I thought it may have been heavily looked at after Microsoft started *** ppl out of the dev program by not actively submitting to the storefront.

        • Xbox X PlayStation = love says:

          Xbox don’t need a jailbreak bc I can install *** in retail or in devmode.
          Also both of you are fanboy idiots the dumb console war is over.

  9. Sotiredofthesecomments says:

    Wololo was an awesome site until every post started attracting immature and vulgar responses in the comments section. Should comments not be moderated to stop this? I’m sick of this childish behavior.

    • Barack Obama says:

      I come here for the comments alone! Most of the time they are better than the actual news!!

    • Lmaooooo says:

      So let me get this straight, you come to Wololo for intellectual discussion?

      Bro you need to get yourself checked out because you’re straight up crazy lmao.

    • ChildishBehavior says:

      Here’s an idea. Ignore it… Moderating will only bring in less traffic because they can’t be childish. lol The articles are the main point of interest.

    • ChildishBehavior says:

      Nevermind, it is moderated. That answers your question before you realized and hit post. lol It would be stale if that sensitive but obviously being too offensive is a given.

  10. Leave the funny stuff here says:

    Hey Wololo stop deleting the funny stuff man… Its the only reason most people come here in the first place….

  11. Kira_Slith says:

    So it’s a reliable, semi-isolated enclave that doesn’t get updated all that often, with debugging access to many system components? Hey wait a minute, isn’t that kinda a huge deal? What’s with playing it down?

    • wololo says:

      At the moment it hasn’t proven to control much beyond the fan speed and producing beeps, though… But you’re right, it could easily turn into something big that some devs can see but we don’t.