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PS4 Release: Icon Mask 1.00 Beta – change the look&feel of your PS4 icons easily


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20 Responses

  1. Cecil says:

    If I change the Icon of an app with this method, and latter uninstall the app, will the custom icon get uninstalled properly? Or is it gonna stick around n becomes a dead shortcut? Thats was the prob was the custom icon tool on PSV when pple start to tinker w/ system icon, stuff dont work right and start to behaves weird…

  2. Secondus says:


  3. Kodi says:

    It would be great if you checked out my website. It’s similar to Wololo, but covers much more game consoles

  4. lollypop says:

    2 vita3k howto’s …

    – ark-4 for vita3k on pc howto.
    – Adrenaline for vita3k howto.

    ??? keeps me wondering.

  5. Iets me Mario says:

    Nice tool but i will wait til Its out of beta

  6. lollypop says:

    or 3 standalone psp emulatorz thats new …
    one psp emulator for …
    ark-4 or adrenaline or project4

  7. lollypop says:

    or is it just http://openemu.org/
    openemu on your psp or psvita basiliskII for emulation?