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Release: PS4 Payload Guest 0.97

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  1. Firstus says:


  2. Secondus says:


  3. Thirdus says:

    third or something

  4. squall33000 says:

    No need USB anymore for this?

  5. itsoh says:

    what means you still need a usb, when it can store the payload on the ps4 hdd?

    • Kodi says:

      You need the USB to initiate the jailbreak, then you can use this tool without needed a USB

      • itsoh says:

        i use FW 7.02, so i dont need any USB? or do you have to be on FW9.0 to use payload guest?

        • Kodi says:

          Your correct, only FW 9.00 requires a USB to run the jailbreak exploit. You can still use the PS4 Payload Guest on every other jailbroken firmware, including 7.02

  6. Mark says:

    any confusing post than this?

  7. dogmeet says:

    Great news

  8. Fhdjbandvb says:

    I’m doing it way simpler with browser cache.
    Payloads are cached into browser, and using a certain host I dont need to send payload, just press GoldHen or what

  9. Why are people so ignorant? says:

    PEOPLE JUST DONT READ THINGS PROPERLY. You will ALWAYS need the usb for the 9.00 Jailbreak. Unless a new exploit is found this will always be the case.
    Payload Guest is just a way to load secondary payloads AFTER you have already jailbroken your console.
    It means that you can run payload directly from the app WOTHOUT using any web host or anything. Trust me it’s much easier this way.

    1. Run Goldhen using webhost/usb jailbreak method.
    2. Install/Run Payload Guest and run any other payload you need.
    3. Profit.

    • Vhhhhj says:

      So if I use USB n payload guest.. I Don’t have to be connected to internet again?

      • Truth Sayer says:

        You know the phrase “READ THE FOCKING MANUAL”. You should definitely do that instead of asking instead of being a lazy ***.

      • Get online!! says:

        I’m connected to the internet all the time on my PS4, I use al-Azif dns and don’t have to worry about updates

    • fat momma says:

      Just a way to load payloads? its actually pretty awesome to be able to load the payload from internal hdd.

  10. crackdown 3 xbox one says:

    please ad more games to ps vita 3.65 enso

  11. Game Dumper says:

    The app is good except for 1 thing…you cannot use it to dump games because the PS4 can’t run 2 apps at once…

  12. Me Beluga says:

    Just what I was waiting for don’t know why this was not done before. Thank you all that made this possible. I run a few payloads after hen and stability can be an issue sometines.

  13. crackdown 3 xbox one 9.0 says:

    cod and diablo never 4 sony

  14. BLC says:

    Does anyone have issues with some payloads like app-dumper?