PS5 Jailbreak incoming?


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29 Responses

  1. seanp2500 says:

    jesus please hax it

  2. DefsNotFirstus says:

    Outstanding work.

  3. Thirdus says:


  4. skm says:

    when God of war Ragnarok releases this year then it cannot be played on lower firmware for sure so it will be not worth the wait unless it can be backported :))

  5. Cvdb says:

    Yes please!

  6. Fistusall says:

    What if your running 4.02 will that also work ?

  7. Jehodon says:

    I’m running 21.02-
    Whatever version that is, it’s probably not jailbreakable.

  8. Its me Mario says:

    For me time for a second PS5 My current update it self

  9. Nah says:

    I pity ppl who have nothing better to do than jailbreak consoles..

    • Xbox fan says:

      I pity the people who don’t have a Xbox.

      • ya_boi_guzma says:

        wel considering MS put (or rather now enforcing) restrictions baked into the dev mode TOS and revolking access to non contrbuting accounts you are mistaken (though reversed for now they may go ahead with these revokations in the future but imo if MS wants the one/series to continue to be “hack free” they won’t revoke any more accounts

    • c says:

      Says the loser trolling console hacking comments sections

    • Seth Reign says:

      I pity those that don’t see how researching different cpu architectures and their security isn’t beneficial but I understand that they just don’t see it that way since those types of people have no clue what really goes into this type of thing.

  10. cDh says:

    Holy macarono!!

    PS5 prices will skyrocket to ridiculpus amounts

  11. F says:

    Damn, I just said screw it and updated like a week ago while saying something will probably get announced right when I do it just to get the PS5 version of a couple games.

  12. Heathen23 says:

    Just wanted to let anyone out there know, that if they needed help testing anything out on a 3.0, I could help you out. I had a good run upgrading from a PS3 that was fully hacked to not being in the scene for a while until I upgraded to the ps5. Was enjoying all the PS4 games I missed out on with the PS5. also got to Play the first games that came out on the PS5 unil they wanted me to upgrade. Love the PS5, but am afraid to even upgrade to 4.03, but would love to give back to the scene as much as they have helped me. Been using your hacks since the PSP/Vita/…. Love all you guys for all the hard work you do. Props to every one of you who have helped me thoroughly open up the capabilities that these game systems can actually do. You guys are the best!!!

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