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PS4 Release: PKGRipper 2.2

6 Responses

  1. Frostvi3n says:

    Just what we needed. thats really nice.
    looking forward to it.

  2. Thirdus says:


  3. Hami says:

    That’s a nice tool , would u please focus on update game without the disc please

  4. newb says:

    So if i get this right, this tool creates a new pair of pkgs out of a an existing app+patch pkg with the duplicate content removed, correct? It doenst alter source files, right? The video doesnt really explain anything…
    Can we maybe add on top of this the ability to manually remove unneeded files in the process (like not needed languages)?
    An example guide would be nice how to do this from scratch without preexisting config.
    Since storage space is limited this probably is a big deal, or did sceners already do this manually all along?
    I would consider reworking my entire collection, not just for some extra GBs but out of principle not to waste space.