PS5 Jailbreak: The status in 2022


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  1. DefsNotFirstus says:

    Was wondering what was going on with this. Hopefully soon there will be one.

    • AdvocateOfPS5jailbreak says:

      I can guarantee we will get one this year. The hackers already have a webkit exploit to work with, so it wont take as long to fully develop a kernel exploit

  2. Shatta Crew says:

    First to say first!

  3. Thirdus says:


    • Jesus Christ says:

      It’s hilarious that some kids actually believe this will ever happen to the ps5. Ps4 got jailbroken yeah but the damage was so tiny and insignificant that maybe not a single developer company lost 500k dollars, if even 100k and barely anyone knew about it.

  4. Ceejay says:

    WOW mate PS5 FIRMWARE 21.02-04.03.00. is the eqequivalent of the 9.00 ps4 kexploit but you say 21.02-04.03.00 firmware and beyond there no luck this is infact incorrect. Fail0verflow tweeted a picture of the hack clearly stating the firmware PS5 firmware hack 4.30. I own PS5 with 4.30 firmware I own ps4 with 9.00 now when I tried the hack on 9.00 worked like a charm now curious as I am I tried the Web hack with alasif’s webrowser on ps5 and got to the part please insert usb hence the Web hack work on my ps5 now because people where advising not to try usb hack because it could kill the ps5 because it hasn’t been tested I did not put in usb hack but needless to say I know the hack works for upto 4.30 PS5 firmware. However as curious as I am I was going to try it only a couple of days ago but oddly enough when trying to get to the usb on alasifs server I now keep getting out of memory error very odd indeed as when tried it on day1 of usb hack my PS5 was ready and willing to accept the usb hack I would like to inform people that the firmware 4.30 does is indeed exploitable so please DONT UPDATE

  5. Eminem says:

    My name is Marshal Mathers and I’m officially declaring that Vladimir Putin is khuylo

  6. SLANGza says:

    2022 will be the year of the PS5 Jailbreak!
    We need to be patient

  7. XiamUser says:

    Maybe it would be worth to start crowdfunding campaign to jailbreak PS5 🙂 I think community can pay more for exploit than Sony (10K $).
    Imagine everyone paying 5$ – then it would require only 2000 supporters, and I’m sure there are way more of us 🙂

  8. crackdown 3 xbox one 9.0 says:

    worst konsola ewer

  9. crackdown 3 xbox one 9.0 says:

    luckly I dont have ps5 and xsx

  10. coolspot says:

    Does anyone know how to delete a system update for the PS5 that hasn’t installed yet? I turned off the autoupdate stuff but it had already downloaded so now it just prompts me all of the time.

    • calxen says:

      yea same here, don’t think u can get rid of it though sadly, just have to deal with it and hope u don’t accidentally update.

    • Fix for your update says:

      To delete the downloaded update, go to settings, then storage. Then push x, o, and square together while holding start and saying I am a over and over. Then take your ps5 and dump it in the trash.

  11. Its me Mario says:

    My ps5 already updated itself so I hope for a hardware hack butt there are no real ps5 games out so I don’t care playing Skyrim a ps3 title on my PS5 its a shame Sony!!!!!

  12. Its ma Mario says:

    My ps5 already updated itself so I hope for a hardware hack butt there are no real ps5 games out so I don’t care playing Skyrim a ps3 title on my PS5 its a shame Sony!!!!!

  13. Just a dude says:

    Just as a side note: you can actually use PSN on older firmware, without updating the console. I tried contacting Sony about it, I got no response, so here I am making this public.

    Not all things work and I have not tested everything. For example, I can’t launch some games (Deep Rock) as they require the latest firmware but I could install and play other games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Deathloop and Dirt 5.

    How? If you got Resident Evil Village installed, just spam the Playstation Store option in the menu until it shows ya the available add-ons. Usually it pops the update console message a couple of times, hit update later and then retry. Sometimes it works from the first try, sometimes I had to try for a couple of minutes.

    It might work with other games that allow you to acces PSN but I don’t have the necessary time nor a lot of games to test.

    So here you go. If you want to buy/install some new games on a PS5 without Blu-ray but stay on an older firmware, this is your chance.

  14. lollypop says:

    jb-cydia-ps4-ps5-ios-android-companion app

  15. lollypop says:

    following ps4-ring0 read …
    and OpenTyrian ps4 pkg …

    ps4-qemu-runtime-bca-xyz …

    run ur pkg or fpkg on pc without hdd img
    or without artificial imaged sys

  16. these idiots in the comment section, smh

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