What you can do with a Jailbroken PS4 in 2022

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  1. To be fair, I wouldn’t have bought a PS4 (or PSP, or Vita) if I wasn’t able to get the games for free. I specifically purchased them for that use case. So technically, Sony made money off of piracy, at least when it comes to me.

    Same goes for Nintendo with my 3DS and Switch. Same reason I don’t have any form of Xbox. I don’t see a device as worth it if I have to pay $60 for each game. Especially with how often I jump between games, and the lack of quality in the industry as of late. Many games are so bad now that they’re not even worth stealing… imagine telling that to younger me, who thought things would only improve.

    But anyway, great write up. Themes and 60FPS patches seem cool, I’ll look into them. Have a great year!

    • CompSciOrBust says:

      Console OEMs sell hardware at a loss and make the money back via software sales. So if you buy a console and only use it to pirate games they made a net loss on you.

      • Jason says:

        Sony already said they don’t sell the PS4 at a loss, that was only true for the PS3.

      • Silly Billy says:

        This has never actually been true for Nintendo.

      • Poopoo says:

        Oh no, the poor multi million dollar game console company is losing money on some idiot pirating their games, lmao *** off ***, not everyone is a privileged american that has 60 dollars to waste every single time a new game comes out.

    • :D says:

      I don’t get why you refuse to have “any form of Xbox” a jailbroken 360 would be a nice addition to your collection.

      • Olivia Molly Rogers says:

        Xbox – Biggest appeal is emulation with CoinOPS, which my PC can do much better. Few exclusives that can’t be played by other means.

        Xbox 360 – Can only be hacked with hardware, while I only go for software hacks. Most of the good exclusives are multiplayer-focused games (Halo, Gears, etc.) which would be useless offline.

        Xbox One – Can’t be hacked, all games on PC.

        Xbox Series – Can’t be hacked, all games on PC.

        I’m not against Xbox in general, it just doesn’t fit my use case. If piracy wasn’t possible, I’d go for an Xbox due to Game Pass and (usually) having better sales than PlayStation.

        • semi says:

          the thing is piracy should sorta be the last thing you want from cfw… the way I look at cfw or hen is we get more support then sony will ever give, its more about the extended support the community give anything else isnt necessary

          but microsoft doesnt need piracy to make their consoles interesting, because application and emulator support in more robust on the xbox then sony has ever done, sony and nintendo’s fear of piracy has let to them being pirated more then microsoft sadly

    • NicouNii says:

      The value with xbox and game pass now a days preety much neglect the use of piracy for many. And with the easy of access to retroarch helps too. And it also helps being the best console platform to buy games on sale.
      Im currently using many of my consoles for piracy, but i still buy games on sale.
      For example, i really really realllllyy love Metroid, but here in my country its 1/4 of the minimum sallary for ANY Nintendo Game.
      In comparison, in united states its almost 1/20.
      Im going to wait for one used copy in the next year or so in a good price and if i have the opportunity i will pirate it.

  2. Its me Mario says:

    Is there a Trophy Unlocker for 9,0 same as with the Vita ???

  3. Zero says:

    Firstus is not first. Zero is first. At least

  4. Zakaev says:

    To all anti free game guys!
    * Sitting in your beloving U.S/CAN/EU/JP doesnt mean you should compare yourself with others!
    * Sony doesn’t give *** about me. even my currency isn’t supported, why the heck should i pay for discs costs half of my monthly salary?
    * And these So Called Hombrew Sceners/SR *** about piracy, you know your all these exploits, hostS, fpkg tools…. are using for free games right? if have problem you shouldnt get into this first place!
    * I am very happy with my PS4, i had it on 8.00m waited more than a year. now i’m playing latest games even not defeated by denuvo yet!

  5. lollypop says:

    so the things that i still need instead of the ps4linux version …
    is the kodi elecbfin . bin payload sayonarra
    is that the library integration payload plays
    the castagnait installed flix plugin or any tv …
    in a new pseudotvlive rewrite with strm support
    and i have my own home network tv broardcast system
    with my raspberry dvb-c setup pico or nano or any …

  6. lollypop says:

    and an auto netflix strm scraper plugin if possible … video.autoflixstrmscraper.plugin
    or any …

  7. Kronos says:

    Is there a homebrew to use PS4 consoles as mining rigs for Bitcoin

    • D2D says:

      You would loose money on electricity and mined bitcoins wouldn’t cover the costs of it
      Technically it is possible via PS4 Linux

  8. Frejan says:

    Sega Saturn’s games on PS4 is one of the best things in gaming! Is it possible NGC or Dreamcast?

  9. q says:

    Is there any easy way how to update fpkg games same as you can update pkg games through orbis´s patch installer?
    Looking for some homebrew app or something like that, because doing it manually is long and tedious process.

  10. Yup says:

    I’m so glad I got a PS5 when I did. Because I was able to move all my games to it and keep the PS4 on 9.00 until this jailbreak came out. Which was way sooner than I expected.

  11. lollypop says:

    retroarch installed content”title” to fpkg generator payload
    and fpkg.us for a repro pill !!!!

  12. aaaa884 says:

    Is there an instruction on using the legit save file with fake games? Many are new exploiters with many legit saves from previous years, but no one seemed to acknowledge the need of such guides

  13. Luke says:

    Is there some app to spoof firmware version like it was on ps Vita? And play online games or download from PsStore?

  14. lollypop says:

    devhook ps4
    isnt there a xbmc bin payload with all the xbmc user definitions going round …
    instead of the versus empty kodi bin payload to play with .
    like back in the days an xbmc autoinstaller with all the scene 0day xbmc content !!!!

  15. crackdown 3 xbox one 9.0 says:

    I hope taht xbox sx and ps5 will be never broken

  16. Don’t forget stealing games!

    That’s one of the best ways to use a modded PS4 because *** California PlayStation.
    Japan PlayStation was amazing, with a style completely unhindered by western political nonsense.

    PlayStation sucks now. Went from the best to the worst.

  17. shenng says:

    Me tirem uma duvida.

    Meu PS4 esta na versão 9.03. Se eu retirar o HD de 500GB, e colocar outro de 1TB, e instalar a versão 9.0, irá subir?

  18. Shinta says:

    I bought a used playstation 4 pro. It is factory reset and has firmware 9.00
    I can’t log in with my PS Plus account because it asks me to update the firmware. How can I do it without updating? To access my account and apply the jailbreak

  19. Romyo007 says:

    Genuine Q to a genuine problem:

    How to copy/move ps4 game from one external hdd to a new external hdd in a jailbroken 7.55 ps4

    (Note: games are downloaded and installed on hdd from “3rd party” site)

    {3rd party: ask for no monkey*}