Release: OpenOrbis Toolchain (PS4 Homebrew SDK) 0.5.2


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11 Responses

  1. NotFirstus says:


    Beat ya again

  2. The dude says:


  3. aaaa884 says:

    I’m starting to think probably Wololo isn’t the site for me

  4. crackdown 3 xbox one 9.0 says:

    cant wait to see cfw on ps4

  5. stinger101mg says:

    AAAAND for the win ps4 can emulate a whole asshat of systems, ps1, ps2, atari, amiga, dos, dreamcast, etc. *** paying for online or needing online period to listen to a bunch of eleventeen year olds in their parents basement make a horrible attempt at trash talk when they *** aint dropped yet. ps4 pwns xb one, were there a viable hack for xbone im sure the customer base would expand far beyond its niche of fanboys and sheep, it would then have a cult following of homebrew devs like the ps4 currently is building, as well as full system control to do things like modify fan speeds to extent console lo gevity via keeping it cooler than stock, cant be above a whisper, settings. my phat ps3 laster 10 YEARS of DAILY use. cechp to be exact. i will never own a current gen game console that does NOT have any viable arbitrary code execution, waste of time, energy, and above all else, huge waste of money.