PS4: Crypto Coprocessor kernel exploit by flat_z, allows dump of SAMU keys

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  1. XsTatiC says:


  2. eumesmo3 says:

    with these keys is there the possibility of fixing the bluray drive?

    • Xbox fan says:

      Yeah! It’s easy as trashing your broken PS4 and getting a Xbox.

      • XboxIsGayLMAO says:

        Xbox is trash. They literally turned the xbox into a fridge. Come back when Microsoft comes up with some innovative idea instead of reusing their previous designs

        • YourDad says:

          Aesthetics is what you’re most concerned about in your game console? LMAO the PS5 looks like a 40lb router.

          • Spencer Williams says:

            Yes and the Xbox has a white infrastructure and will lose in the long run. Clowns are spreading themselves to thin on the gaming fromt

      • Xbox fan sucks says:

        Your trash xbox not worth even 0$, because its trash, same trash like you. Xbox fan boys sucks, they dont own ps4 so they are crying that their Xbox is superior to compensate that they dont have ps4. You suck fan boy

        • Mommasbellyfanbitch says:

          Hey I own all gens of Xbox and also all gens of Playstation…

          Keep your generalistic opinions to yourself and go play with mommas big fat belly instead.

          • bjohndick says:

            don’t all xbox discs require an internet verification to even play the physical discs?

            he’s being harsh but the entire worth of physical media is not to require having to download the entire game anyway.

        • dt says:

          i own all gaming devices and theres pros to both, i do slightly lean towards ps5 this gen mainly cause i like their exclusives an indeed they did slightly win on the aesthetics front but like someone pointed out it is not super great either looking like a 40lb router lol. Xbox on the other hand I love simply for what they’ve brought with the game pass, hear sony has something up their sleeve to compete but after they cut ps3/vita titles from plus a few years back chopping 2/3rds of your plus value and replacing with nothing (although i have loved the new plus library that came out on ps5 launch) ive got my reservations they are going to bring something that will match gamepass but hey maybe they will surprise me, they do have a great backlog of quality games.

      • eumesmo3 says:


      • PS4 enjoyer says:

        Get the *** out of here!
        Go play your Xbox instead of wasting your time trash talking the PS4!
        We’re tired of your ***!

    • jajabinx35 says:

      Why, whats wrong with the Blu-ray drive?

  3. SSJVita says:


  4. wmxp says:

    Oh ***, I hope this has nothing to do with the exploit the save wizard team found and have been exploiting all these years. Would be a real shame to lose that tool. Granted SW is still working on the most recent firmwares, so it seems unlikely, but it might be a derivative somehow.

  5. Jim Ryan CEO says:

    Before anyone asks this hack is of zero use to the end user right now. There maybe something that comes from it eventually, but for now it’s for the experts only.

    • omg xd says:

      For the enduser this hack is usefull. You can dump keys for save resigning so you can use everyones saves without savewizzard. Sure first the right Tools need to be made but its definitely usefull

      • Mr Charles McDonkeyspunk says:

        Original comment stands knob cheese. If someone else has to make tools then until that happens this hack is no good for the end user.

  6. sixth says:


  7. lollypop says:

    user$ ./deb2appimage.AppImage checkra1n.json -o appimages

  8. Charles Fasano says:

    Still holding on to a launch day PS4 Pro that’s still on 3.74. Eventually I’ll hack.

  9. stinger101mg says:

    so from a daily ps4 homebrew enthusiast, having a exploitable ps4 allows me to essentially play games fromaround 20 different game systems, ps1, ps2, dos, amiga, colecovision, etc, dump games from disc for FPKG creationat which time some games may be modified, DOOM 2016, and wolfenstien 2 have debug menus that are enabled via cfg files used by the game engine, opening these games also to be able to have “mod cfgs” similar to the bfg edition of doom3 where one may bind whole controller layout presets to different console or likewise commands, as well as the whole debug menu thing. i absolutely love my ps4 personally id have zero interest in using my ps4 were it not exploitable, i *** despise the cash grab microsoft is about anymore, and its not my *** fault yall *** who dont understand what developements like this article is about mean for the scene as a whole not just yall “eta wen?” fagz, whose only sole contribution to any homebrew to any scene is the one line *** insults which are desperate cries for attention from many many long years of isolation and social neglect. its okay cave trolls we get it your lonely who cares?

    ALSO Its not my fault $0ny and the like produce severely restricted access pieces of plastic *** at and exhuberantly hiked up price, therefore their consoles in particular NEVER would shine in comparison to its unexploited counterpart. i ALWAYS wait for price reduction, exploit developement and prepare by reading looking at pictures for ANY GAME CONSOLE i buy. why? cuz NO game console can truly be great until you exploit it and run your own code..

    • Clearly Translucent says:

      I need to use a crazy to English dictionary for this. Unfortunately, even that cannot help translate this crazy sh*t to English.

    • Mr Sony McRipoff-Company says:

      Some good points made but why do you have to be such a condescending cu.. nt.. about it??

      I myself have both PlayStations and xboxs of all gens inc both a ps5 and Series X. My PS5 hasn’t even been opened yet where as I think MS has hit the bullseye with Gamepass Ultimate!