PS4: 9.00 Jailbreak with GoldHEN autoload

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  1. Iets me Mario says:

    First !!!!!!

  2. Its me Mario says:

    Nice update can wait for the weekend and blow off the dust from my ps4

  3. Lastus says:

    It’s Just the Beginning… Bring it on =D

  4. Stuck says:

    Stuck on installing offline cache at 83%, can anyone help

  5. Xbox fan says:

    Xbox anybody?

    • Its me Mario says:

      Yes the 1 one whas real cool (hackt)
      A cheap pc Just go 2 the store and get a game
      Make a copie in the Xbox And go back 2 store give the game back cool !!!!

  6. huz84 says:

    ps4 slim failed thais hub port finger touch usb flash drive goldhen working thanks

  7. ponxNotpunks says:

    i try and its like a magic we are so lucky because they dont sell to the usb flash drive to us they teach us to make it along time ago they sell ps4 jailbreak dongle.,merry christmas to all!!!

    • Stevorkz says:

      Yup good old trueblue dongle days, and e3 usb. Or should I say bad old days. They could have very easily made this into a propriotry dongle and sold it. “Laughs hard in Gary Opas down fall”.

  8. bruno says:

    Is there a way to unlock digital games with a jailbroken ps4 on 9.00? There’s a lock on the digital games that says I can’t play them if not connected

  9. Benjo & Kazan says:

    Is there a Mac OS alternative for NetCatGui??

    • PC fan says:

      Get a PC.

    • Bill Gates says:

      Smash your Mac and stop thinking you’re better than the majority of the population

      • Jefferson Bezos says:

        Ok Bill

        • Bill Gates 2nd Cousin Frank says:

          Fu.. ck.. off Bezos you greedy cu.. nt..
          Amazon will never be Microsoft!!!
          And your wife is an ugly sl.. ag.. I bet she keeps an Alexa in her axe wound…. Dirty smelly place it is

        • Elon Musk says:

          F*ck you Bezos! You and your *** shaped rockets! And by the way, *** roxkets that float in space for two minutes and then parachute down aren’t *** space ships assh*le!!…

          • Bill Gates Sister Gertrude says:

            Oi Musk you cradle snatcher… get in your Cybertruck shitewagon and pi.. ss.. off. No one cares what you’ve got to say. And btw your kid name is just plain ***!
            Your wife is ugly and your cars are overpriced too!

          • Tim Cook says:

            “Laughs in lawsuits”

    • real says:

      use the built in nc command, it’s the same as in linux.

      start a terminal and write:
      nc -w 3 [ps4 ip] 9020 < goldhenpayload.bin
      mac terminal is som much better than what you get on windows.

  10. crackdown 3 xbox one 9.0 says:

    I hope that xbox one s tb will be hacked twoo

  11. liggi says:

    my BD is broken and i cant update to 9.0 ist ther a fix for this problem ?

  12. Mix says:

    So you don’t need the pc anymore, or is it another step?

  13. Ivan says:

    If you want to self-host exploit with HEN autoload you can get away with simple static http server. Just replace kexploit.js from original pOOBs4 release with the one with embedded GoldHen payload. Like Leeful one from your article

    There is no need for python and other server-side apps to send payload over network.

  14. Raul says:

    thanks Wololo, i was lucky enough to buy me a pro version with 9.00 and i jailbreak it last night, the hype is real, but your posts help me to be in the look out just in the right time.

  15. Ijlal says:

    Hi anyone please help, i jailbreaked my ps4 yesterday , downloaded NFS heat and started playing. But then then a notification came that it’s starting updating , I have although jailbreaked but the game is updating itself, I can of course delete it but is it something I should be worried bcz I thought after jailbreaking , games should not update.

    Also I have set DNS to auto cuz if I set DNS to whatever YouTubers show , I cannot access to internet at all, like I cannot even open host like nightking , I just can open 1 karo218

  16. Randy Steele says:

    Was this actually difficult for some people? Because this jailbreak has been one of the most simple, jailbreaks I’ve ever had to do on a system before. Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing this stuff since the psp/wii days but it’s incredibly easy.

    • Raul says:

      I igree with you there, i been doing this for at least the past 15 years.

      • Albert Einstein says:

        I also agree, this is simple really. It’s just that some people just don’t read things properly and struggle to understand basic instructions. Those are the same people that would do things wrong repeatedly and complain about it over and over.
        They should have their PS4 taken away and given to someone with more than 2 brain cells

  17. TheIrony says:

    Oh, the bitter irony – 9.00 jailbreak comes out and my PS4 Slim doesn’t even turn on. I hope a replacement PSU fixes it, as you cannot buy PS4’s anymore, it seems.

  18. Ghandi says:

    Anyone just finding this thread should read all the comments. Wololo comments are funny as f…..

  19. Tigalow says:

    Hi, amazing work it’s work perfectly !

    Just one question, the jailbreak gone every time I turn my PS4 in rest mode (I know it’s normal if I reboot) anyone got the same problem ? If someone know a solution for keep my jailbreak in rest mode.


    • ber says:

      Salut tigalow j’ai le même problème que toi j’ai essayé pas mal de fois et j’ai du re envoyé le payload à chaque réveil de la ps4 alors qu’elle était en mode repos donc finalement c’est chiant ….

      • English this forum is…. Hmmmm says:

        Frog jam pencil cage PS4 tomato usb hack make my friend banana jump fish catalogue usb hackerz has jailbreak?

      • Poly says:

        Salut ber. Sur un site anglophone, tu devrais copier-coller ta réponse sur l’excellent traducteur en ligne qu’est
        Voilà ce que ça donne avec cette réponse :

        Hi ber. On an English-speaking site, you should copy and paste your answer on the excellent online translator
        Here is what it looks like with this answer:

  20. Tigalow says:

    Ok I find it by myself, just need to activate “keep application suspended” in rest mode. Work fine, thanks !

  21. Plato says:

    If you want to run under docker here is the docker image for mc-17’s implementation

  22. Steven says:

    How come my ps4 automatically resets back to retail fw 9.00 and I have to do the goldhen inject payload again? Is there a way to prevent this?

  23. Tribes says:

    Will it be possible in the future to use this exploit without the USB? Maybe with a flashable CFW?

  24. Carlos says:

    When goldenhen 2b on 9.03?

  25. PokeyNips says:

    If anyone has trouble, try using an actual USB flash drive, not a USB Hard Drive and use a USB 2.0 version. No success at all with USB HDD but bought a USB 2.0 Flash Drive and works perfectly.

    • Billy boy Gates says:

      I’ve been using a usb 3.1 (the one with the red but in the plug) all the time. It works without any problems.

  26. Death says:

    Is there a possible timeline in which this might get a permanent patch?

  27. Pirater says:

    Is there 9.00 jailbreak permanent?

    Also do you have to use the USB every time to have the exploit working?

    • This is usb based hack says:

      The exploit is usb based so it will always be involved in some way or another…. For the 1000th time…..
      If you had read through the comments you would of got your answer.

  28. Novoszath Adam says:

    hi dear!

    9.03 jailbreak not :((