PS4: How to run the PS4 9.00 Jailbreak (full guide with GoldHEN payload)

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  1. sad says:

    these comments are a travesty

  2. Ber says:

    Bonjour à tous après avoir effectué plusieurs test hier soir en injectant le paylod avec il s’avère que même si vous laissez votre console en mode repos quand vous la réveillée le jailbreak Goldenhen n’ai plus présent . En conclusion que vous soyez en mode repos ou que vous eteignez votre console cela reviens au même finalement donc hors mi refaire à chaque fois l’injection du payloed aucun intérêt pour le moment pour avoir un jailbreak fixe …

    • Poly says:

      Ber wrote : Hello to all after having made several test yesterday evening by injecting the paylod with it turns out that even if you leave your console in rest mode when you wake up the Goldenhen jailbreak is not present. In conclusion that you are in rest mode or that you turn off your console it comes back to the same finally so except to redo each time the injection of the payloed no interest for the moment to have a fixed jailbreak …

  3. globalwarming says:

    Awesome stuff! One question though (I’m new to ps4 softmods), are there major risks with going online and using the store? I know the vita was fairly safe even when modded so I just want to make sure if I can or cannot go online.

  4. Micah Kiter says:

    everything went as instructed, but GoldHEN does not show in my settings.. ?

  5. narunaru says:

    How reliable is this exploit?
    On PS4 FW 7.50 it seems impossible to jailbreak. The chance were extremely low to trigger. To many failures, kernel crashes etc.

  6. Tweedle says:

    GoldHEN link does not work!!! address incorrect.. here is correct address for GoldHen 2.0b for firmware 9.00

  7. Tweedle says:

    Win32 Disk Manager LINK DOES NOT WORK!!!
    (did ANYONE check the links before writing this guide? ughh)

  8. DD says:

    “You’ll need to use the USB stick every time you Jailbreak”

    I don’t understand this part…I have to do all these steps again every time I turn the system on? That doesn’t make sense. This is a softmod, right? I would think softmodding a console is a one-time thing, just like it is on other systems, like the Wii.

  9. lol says:

    its so funny when people complain under something someone wrote for free like dude shut up everyone knows how to use google

  10. Novi says:

    Hi dear!
    9.03 FW kameloreloded waiting payload one minute not inject golden hen

  11. Steven says:

    Good day everyone. Does installing this payload, will corrupt my savedata?

    I have a lot of savedatas and not yet put into cloud

    • hax0r says:

      It won’t. But just as a precaution, you should use the backup payload to backup all of your save data and game licenses.

  12. anadius says:

    Hello so I downloaded a fake pkg file onto my jailbroken ps4 but for some reason I have a lock on the game and I can’t play it. I tried another game and it worked perfectly but I cant seem to unlock this one. I have goldenHEN enabled but it still doesn’t work.

  13. rsx says:

    Netcat GUI doesn’t work for me (win 10). Just loads and that’s about it. Ps4 payload sender by valentin loaded instantly.

  14. Somebody says:

    I’m new to PS4 jaibreak. Do all have to repeat all the steps above when my PS4 (re)boots? Thank you.

    • Syg says:

      Yes. If you shut down using sleep (or whatever it is called) you won’t have to reapply the exploit.

  1. December 18, 2021

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