PS4 9.00 Jailbreak. Should you update your PS4 to 9.00?


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21 Responses

  1. bruno says:

    I’m on 8.50 at the moment, if I update does it update to 9.00 or to 9.03?

  2. Secondus says:


  3. Jim Ryan CEO says:

    I updated to 9.00 last night. There was a few issues with the original Goldhen 2.0 for 9.00 but a fixed one was released last night and all is good. Personally I don’t see any point in not being on 9.00 now, it’s a stable JB and the usb thing only takes 5/6 secs.

  4. rus says:

    the clock sistem bug was fixed for firmware 9.00 right? that should be a powerful motivation to update from 5.05

  5. OldGamer says:

    I’ve not paid attention to the PS4 scene, but I have decided to check my machine and see what I can do with it.

    Currently it’s on FW 4.01

    What do you guy recommend I do to hack it, should I update to 5.xx or stay as it is?

    What guide is best to follow?

  6. ACE says:

    i am on 9.00 OFW so it will work jailbreak while doing 9.00?

  7. jack says:

    did someone warn sony firmware 9 was exploited ? as 9.03 hasnt got the exploit so i assume they fixed it

  8. OldGamer says:

    Already got a One X, a Series X & a PS5,

  9. VenomSnake says:

    9.03 pls

  10. Dongga says:

    Need jailbreak 9.03

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