PS4 9.00 Jailbreak “pOOBs4” released!


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  1. December 17, 2021

    […] but the lead developer doesn’t have oneHackers have jailbroken the PS4 with a new kernel exploit, according to, a website that covers jailbreaking news, seemingly opening the door for people to run things like […]

  2. December 17, 2021

    […] que han logrado hacer jailbreak a la PS4 con un nuevo exploit del kernel, según lo detallado por Wololo (vía El […]

  3. December 18, 2021

    […] the recently released PS4 Jailbreak for Firmware 9.00, a lot of people are wondering how to upgrade to 9.00, without going “too far” and install 9.03 […]

  4. December 19, 2021

    […] من كسر حماية PS4 باستخدام نواة جديدة ، كما هو مفصل في Wololo (عبر […]

  5. December 19, 2021

    […] pirates qui ont réussi à jailbreaker la PS4 avec un nouvel exploit du noyau, comme détaillé par Wololo (passant par Le […]

  6. December 22, 2021

    […] of hackers who have managed to jailbreak the PS4 with a new kernel exploit, as detailed by Wololo (via The Verge). Dubbed “pOOBs4,” the jailbreak could open up the PS4 as a machine […]