Madlad cuts motherboard in half to create portable Sega Saturn (and it works!)

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  1. aTReyu says:

    As a Sega kid this is just jaw dropping. I would pay damn good money for this to go with my Nomad and Treamcast.

  2. JamesCameron says:

    this is really nice

  3. anthony dickinson says:

    Nice one. Pretty straight forward if u know electronics. Cut trace and retrace with wire’s. Has long has u wire traces back to ho it was it should work.

  4. Cecil says:

    How’bout just running a saturn emulator on a smart phone? Is that portable enough for ya?

  5. [redacted] says:

    Listened to an interview with Shank on RetroRGB not long ago, and I think he’s too humble to admit his genius. It must be really hard to to figure out what to cut around on the motherboard and assemble it to look nice. (Even with the schematics.)
    I installed GC loader on my Gamecube recently. There was no soldering and I was still sweating.

  6. Its me Mario says:

    Nice and now a old ps3 fat portable lets see it That can be done

  7. crackdown 3 xbox one says:

    worst konsola ewer

    • Guardian1128 says:

      No it wasn’t, still have both original models (modded of course) and still play it occasionally

    • Aces says:

      Was a great console, just poor support. Tomb raider on saturn looked better than ps1. Didn’t suffer as much from polygon bending

  8. bigguy says:

    I’m just here to say your mommas are belong to us. Very nice. Great success!

    • Dyson says:

      Your momma is still in my basement dude… I keep telling her to go but she won’t take the vacuum pipe outta her a$$…

  9. kilroy says:

    From the makers of flex tape, comes flex wire. Watch, Im so confident about Flex wire, I’m gonna saw this motherboard in half. Now that’s a lot of damage.