This popular 2021 anime features an actual PSP CFW Installer from ages ago

10 Responses

  1. Its me Mario says:

    F@ck it FIRST !!!!

  2. Dark Alex the men says:

    PSP hacking days that were the good old days Dark Alex f@cking the PSP firmware harder than silly Billy Mom, remember reading that he was a 14 year old boy from Spain he was the King don’t know what he is doing now

  3. Nanashi says:

    I’ve seen weird filler English text, like Gundam Battle Universe telling me about types of cars (from Ebay Motors descriptions) and how it’s not too late Braves season tickets every time it boots up.

  4. hakkyuboi says:

    Firstus… Are you okay? Did they get you?

  5. iwanttoseegas says:

    i remember when we got a 2.80 fw downgrade for christmas.

  6. JamesCameron says:


  7. Tristan says:

    Can we just Jump to the news PS4 KEXPLOIT 8.52 or 9.0x ?