PS4 Firmware 9.03 and PS5 Firmware 21.02- out. Do not update!


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22 Responses

  1. aaaa884 says:

    Sounds like good news, they may be fixing something important. Seriously, when updating no longer does anything for users, but only benefits the provider, it’s time to hack

  2. siIIy biIly says:

    they probably didn’t patch the webkit hack, sony publishes their webkit fork on their site and it seems to not have been updated by them.

  3. Deez knuts says:

    Damn it, I didn’t want to update but it updated itself when I put it in rest mode 🙁

  4. egzek says:

    It’s hard not to update when the ETA for any PS4 and PS5 new hack is from a month to never…

  5. Jack says:

    Kexploit is coming.

  6. Its me Mario says:

    Not updating here till the end of the year need a new PS5
    Bud inpossible to get one

  7. crackdown 3 xbox one says:

    luckly I dont have ps5 or xsx

  8. macche says:

    I got few days ago my 2nd ps5, exactly for this reason. Now I can keep one safe, on the fabric-default firmware.

  9. Never Losing Hope says:

    I really hope PS5 custom firmware comes out by the end of the year! That would be the best present!!

    • JamesCameron says:

      even if it came out, what would you do with it?, play pirated games?

      • z says:

        Getting SSD (internal & external storages) and PFS encryption (PS4/PS5 saves and trophies) keys… First for getting access to data outside environment (e.g in case of console dead), second for a way to resign data to different profiles (in case of future emulation(virtualisation), account ban, account clone outside console environment).

        Not every people are stupid…

  10. Joe says:

    Oh Im well excitied for this, not much of a game pirate but love tinkering with Linux and homebrew I’ve got my PS4 pro collecting dust for a few months now.

  11. Mike hawk says:

    You guys want to hack? How about get some skill and dignity and just play games without exploiting them

    • z says:

      Thank God I don’t have dignity and patching Japanese non-released games in other countries to English. I also have no dignity and emulating games which are not available in the store. What a honour-less person I am…

  12. shut your ass up says:

    dO Not UpDAte.

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