Some fuel for the Switch scene: Writeups on TSEC (Tegra Security Processor) exploits

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  1. PS5jailbreakBeforeChristmas says:

    I love how they credit Nintendo and Nvidia for this exploit

  2. Poo says:

    They said they could generate per console keys, does this mean potentially un banning consoles?

    • Bailey says:

      No you need to find and change your consoles I’d tag

    • Tarkin says:

      Not likely if I was to guess. Not for the reasons Bailey stated, but because Nintendo likely already has a whitelist of valid console keys. If they don’t though, and operate solely on blacklists, then it would work I suppose.

    • G-dog says:

      I think The Big N will still have a way to make that key read only. I have a feeling.

  3. Bailey says:

    Why would Sony want to fix this for Nintendo?

  4. Super Bowser says:

    Please explain this to a layman like me. Can this newly discovered exploit be used to develop a software hack for the Mariko Switches?

    • cDh says:

      No, dont expect anything for mariko

      • DaniePoo says:

        Is TSEC/Falcon different on Mariko?

        • Cardb0xx says:

          I dont think so, but the main point is that you need to be able to run code in the first place to achieve what they’ve done. It’s not a way to access “running unsigned code on the switch”, it’s a way to do more stuff once that first step has already been done. That first step, at the moment, still require an early switch model, or a modchip.

  5. wiphala says:

    any hope of exploit for switch on 8.1.0