The GTA Definitive Edition release is an unmitigated disaster


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18 Responses

  1. Firstus says:


  2. Old Guy says:

    FIIIIRRRSTTT!!! normal contribution good they fail !! i have a PS5 come out with a new GTA and let’s see what it can do with all that power now i play PS4 and 3 games on a PS5 because there are no new games ***

  3. Cecil says:

    This minds me of how the once-upon-a-time greatest RPG game on PC the Ultima series went down the drain by the hands of Its very own creator company Origin. Funny how history repeats itself…

  4. Matthias says:

    I am waiting for pc version with new graphics mods for definitive edition….

    Definitive mods…. 🙂

  5. George says:

    Don’t you dare port this to ps vita

  6. JamesCameron says:

    this damm, trilogy feels like those “nintendo hire this man” unreal demos.

  7. silly billy says:

    It sucks they pulled the original versions, I own them on PSN and steam so I can redownload them but I’m sure at some point they will stop that too, it just encourages piracy if you want to play the original versions and not these awful versions.

  8. stompysan says:

    Thank God we can still get re3 and revc for the Switch. I had previously uninstalled my copies to install the Definitive Edition, but it took me a solid five minutes to throw them out. Kinda crazy that the reverse-engineered game runs better than what the company provides directly.

  9. Johan Johansson says:

    There is no excuse for making a game with this graphics run so badly on PS5 and series X! I did not expect my switch to run it at 60fps but if crysis 2 can run smooth on 30 fps almost all time on my switch there is no reason for this game not to. This is simply a crappy port and deserves all criticism it gets!

  10. NoIt'sNot says:

    “Sadly, acquiring these original games and mods is now harder than ever” No it’s not you clearly don’t know how to use a browser lol.