An interesting list of AMD vulnerabilities (could some of those have been used in the PS5 hacks?)

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  1. Firstus says:

    First First.

  2. Mfsgameplay says:

    That would mean, xbox can be hacked too right?

    • 8pcd says:

      anything and everything can be hacked some things just easier, because of either lots of possible attack points or because of existing exploits that are known like in this thread the amd ones and well then you have to learn a bit about the system how it works and so on and then you modify it like a hen or even a cfw if possible(kernel exploit or higher privillege). Well and then there is systems especially made to not be hacked/jailbroken,which doesnt mean they will never be hacked or can’t be.Just means that it could take a unbelivable amount of work and there for time and probably even money. Hope i could carify it to you..

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  6. ChuHacker says:

    PS5 , latest manual update PUP seams to no longer be available on the official website…

  7. crackdown 3 xbox one says:

    I hope sony will mpatch this toomoorow

  8. urboy says:

    Wouldn’t this also potentially affect the zbox series x|s as well?

    • Rivert says:

      Possibly. It depends on the exploit and what type of attack in needed and on what sector/input/etc.

      If they used, same gen chips on the same architecture (say one a 3700x and another a 3900x) then most likely yes, it would mean that.

      However both use customer chips that were made by different teams and each company had input on what they deemed more important (if they both used the same chips, their performances would be mostly identical, however they aren’t. And in some cases it’s not even close.

      Also these aren’t your standard Zen chips. They are considered APU’s (not soc like many say as soc in entire system in a chip. Both have a mobo still. They are just a cpu/gpu together) having said that, the zen apus to come out thus far are best on Vega. These apus however are based on the new 6000 series. Aka they are the first chips of their kind, and they aren’t even indenticao to each other.

      So the likely answer? Possibly but most likely no as they were manufactured by diff teams at the same time

  9. urboy says:


  10. crackdown 3 xbox one says:

    just wait 10 years or buy ps4 7.55

  1. November 11, 2021

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