Nintendo vs Team Xecuter Lawsuit: Gary “GaryOPA” Bowser pleads guilty, Max Louarn’s trial postponed

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  1. Thedude says:


  2. Jesus says:

    My gateway 3ds will one day be a collectable.

  3. marcx says:

    feel bad for gary used to be cool with him long ago

  4. JamesCameron says:

    remember kids, it’s always morally correct to pirate nintendo games

  5. Donald says:

    Any1 with a picture of Gary??? He´s like a ninja. Nowhere to be seen.

  6. FcuckNintendo says:

    Won’t ever buy a nintendo game, will always hack their consoles and i advise everybody to do the same

  7. Chonglers says:

    Free my man Gary he didn’t do sh*t to anybody

  8. Stevorkz says:

    For some reason I came here expecting a comment from the *** we all love to hate 😉

  9. The3nd says:

    Its *** that he is being charged for theoretical sales. Nintendo must be sooooo broke from everyone pirating 64 roms, here’s a thought, Nintendo online sucks and is too expensive. Maybe focus on that Nintendo?

  10. anon57 says:

    They got what they deserved. Good riddance