PS5 Firmware update 21.02-04.03.00 released (don’t update if possible)


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  1. silly billy says:


  2. Lol says:


  3. Secondus says:


  4. 4K says:

    Can it do 4K?

  5. JamesCameron says:


  6. cold war black ops xbox one says:

    worst konsola ewer luckly I dont have ps5 or xsx

  7. Firstus Primus says:

    Fingers Crossed…

  8. Mr Last says:


  9. Lastus says:


  10. JamesCameron says:

    Each new generation of consoles, i see less and less reasons to hack them.
    I mean the ps4 is hackable now, but what can you do with it?
    apart from using retroarch like any other system ( or piracy )