Webkit vulnerabilities on PS4 8.xx, 9.00 and PS5 21.02: the current status


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  1. Faris Fauroqi says:


  2. VangNex says:

    I’m currently playing on PC. My ps4 8.00 can wait as long as it take. It’s not like I need to play any game on ps4. In fact, i don’t feel like there is any interesting game on ps4.

    • Bobby says:

      This. Exactly this. Ever since the covid lockdowns last year, nothing new and exciting has been dropping. I have never seen such few AAA game releases. Usually there are like 4-5 titles per year I consider “must haves or definitely purchasing”. This year and end of last year combined I think there was one for me and that was Far Cry 6 that just dropped. I got mass effect legendary too but that’s was more of a “I’m bored and I wanna game on redic settings with my pc” deal. I already have played all ME titles many times.

      I *** off my Ps4 after the reported 8.0 WebKit vuln dropped as I had just updated to 8.03 literally days before as I had been locked out of psn due to not upgrading and any update patchers that I found or already knew of no longer worked. And I really wanted to download FFVII Remake as app retailers were closed at the time for shutdowns and online stops had tons of issues with digital orders (I mean Jesus I ordered ME Legendary using a gift card on bestbuy. Said I should reiecve the code In 24 hours. 72 hours later no code was sent and my order was marked as delivered on bestbuy site. I called them up. Talked to over ten diff people. No one could tell me what was going on. Three people said they reissued the code… which was a lie as the next Reps literally told me they couldn’t do that as they didn’t have capabilities to do so. Finally I got the code sent by their VP of customer relations after I sent a nasty email. Took two weeks to finally get a single damn steam key code.

      So yes… ps4 has been off and sitting since like Jan waiting for next jb. Any games I wanted to play, I could get right away on steam or with a repack download. I mean heck, my system is a Ryzen 9 3950x and a RTX 3080… I may not have been able to grab a ps5 but I got better than a ps5 already

      • Durk says:

        *me glancing over at FFVII Remake, Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us 2…*

      • Commentor says:

        Uhh.. and why exactly would you buy a Ryzen 9 3950x for Gaming?
        Did you not watch Steves (Gamers Nexus) review for that?

    • kronos says:

      there are games.for now try br ones

    • Cecil says:

      Why did you buy a Ps4 then?

  3. aaaa884 says:

    Be cautiously optimistic, 审慎乐观~

  4. Bl4ck says:

    Hopefully we can get something out of all of this, nice write-up!

  5. Silly billy (the original) says:


  6. 4K says:

    Can it do 4K?

    • aaaa884 says:

      That’s interesting. For pc, even i3 processors from years ago can output 4k, as long as you don’t do anything intense. The thing with console is that no matter what output resolution you set, games always run at their native internal resolution, so really the result doesn’t matter even if its upscaled to 4k

  7. Marcus says:

    doubt, if we get a 8.00 jailbreak for example, we will be able to dump games up to 8.52 or only at 8.00?

  8. Jack Colon says:

    Let the kids play. Im pretty sure the people who know what they are doing know this already. False information in this case literally means nothing because the technical level of this exploit gates people from doing any harm to their own consoles or others.

  9. Kengee says:

    After a year with a jb’en Ps4 pro got bored, think Amma sell it out an try getting a ps5 for future hacks… Wish we had stuff like the ps3.

  10. Mark Cuban says:

    I’m still sitting with my PS4, but I didn’t think that the PS5 had exactly the same problems. I myself work on the new Engre engineering platform, where I am approached for services in the field of IT Hardware. It’s a pity that I can’t get a job at the PS main office to solve all their problems. I hope by the release of the new version I will be able to achieve some results in this.

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