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Use-After-Free Webkit vulnerability impacts PS4, possibly up to firmware 9.00 included


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24 Responses

  1. Sietze Teunissen says:

    That would be great news. Although I have a ps5, this great news for PS4 users.

    Btw, f#ck your first reply!

  2. Simon2xander says:

    wow….this is good news

  3. AnonGuy says:

    Is there a chance that it will work also on ps5?

  4. Bobby says:

    Yea. Pretty sure this WebKit comes from the IOS exploit about to be released on Oct 22 for the newer iPhone chips in iPhone 12s and 13s. It was used to supossedly create a new untethered jb in iOS 14. Not positive but I’m pretty sure this is coming from that.

    If I’m right about that, everyone should be looking squarely at Cturt with this or those familiar with his recently discovered exploit bounty.

  5. 4K says:

    Can it do 4K?

  6. cDh says:

    It wolud be wise if you don’t get your hopes up guys.

  7. Hubert Farnsworth says:

    It’s indeed a good news everyone

  8. Miko says:

    Apparently the webkit exploit also works on the latest PS5 version

  9. Vanex says:

    I’m currently still stay at the lowest FW 8.00 so i have high hopes. Yay. I’m still sad that by the time 7.55 got jailbreak at the time I’m already on 7.60 or higher.

  10. aaaa884 says:

    Hail brilliant hackers! Ps4 is my first console, and I was too naivem, bur from my next console, I’ve learned never to update your firmware, which is our right in first place. We own our console, and we have the right to use the hardware the way we want, not they way Manufacturers want.

    • Abc12d says:

      Yes, but they also have a right to decline customer service and repairs to the modified system, since it breaches their policies. They can also ban your Playstation off their network completely, like what Nintendo does

      • aaaa884 says:

        That’s because they’re making policies that they’re not entitled to. We bought the machine, and we have the right to make it do anything it’s capable of, but their “policies” force us only to use them for a specific use they allow, which basically denies our ownership of our console. Like I want my console to be a all-in-one device. I want my switch to play music, to play videos, to play switch games, and all the retro games it can run. I had a bunch of gba games, which no longer come in handy in the original dim screen. Do Nintendo allow that? Noooooo. *** it, it’s my machine

  11. dadovvv says:

    tested on 8.50 no error after lunch and get feedback that
    API is not patched!
    vulnerability ok something like that

  12. Lastus says:


  13. mkb47bd says:

    I want my PS4 with fw 7.02 to have a stable webkit exploit than the current one I have now. The current webkit exploit takes lots of tries before enable the kernel exploit. This is a very good news for us because we will be getting a stable webkit just like firmware 6.72 has.

  1. October 14, 2021
  2. October 18, 2021

    […] 9.00 and to the extent of my understanding, the vulnerability exists on PS4 up to 9.00 (and I’ve detailed here some of the things I’ve tested for). People have reported PS5 is also impacted, up to the latest firmware. This is a fairly recent […]

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