Switch OLED confirmed to be hackable on Day 1, but tread carefully


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16 Responses

  1. IBeatFirstus says:


  2. VangNex says:

    after I read this article. I say I don’t need to buy Switch OLED if I already had my Unpatched Switch. and I’m a docked user.

    • Silly billy (the original) says:

      Same, I’ve probably used my switch in handheld mode for less than 10 hours and I’ve had it since launch.

  3. QUATRUS says:


  4. Fifthus says:

    Why can’t I enjoy games anymore?

    • antruwew says:


      • Fifthus says:

        Or maybe games are not fun anymore.

        • Yavga says:

          Depression and no sex

        • JamesCameron says:

          Not all games are fun man, when you grow up, dumb and lazy games arent fun anymore, try to fin whatever you like and hang on to it.
          or maybe like Yavga said, depression and no sex.

        • silly billy says:

          Because when you turn adult you subconsciously realize that playing games is wasting time and it starts eating you daily, when you don’t progress in other hobbies or responsibilites. Or you played every type of genre before and now every pos that gets released is just a recycled copy of previous games with a new paint or gimmick.

          Try Death Stranding or Journey.

          • Silly billy is right for once says:

            Well said silly billy. Thanks mainly to 5ony, the games industry now rehashes any game that was mildly popular and makes either a sequel or a remaster on the next gen. What’s needed is a mass “Fu… ck… off” from the gaming community to make them change this approach. In the meantime the sheep will continue to spend their money on any shi… te…. that these wa… nk.. ers spew out next. Bring back the PS1 ideas of everything being something new instead of the same old wa… nk… year after year…
            It’s no wonder the retro scene is huge right now!!

          • JamesCameron says:

            dont play death strandign, just work for fedex and it’s the same experience

  5. bigdickjohnson says:

    lol further proof that nintendon’t just slapped the same motherboards of the previous models and into this one, gave it oled screen and called it a day. they couldn’t even be bothered with patching hardware vulnerabilities. can’t believe some morons actually thought that they’re gonna get a beefed up 4k switch.

  6. reminon says:

    Just a heads up it requires that you desolder the emmc.