Yuzu and Ryujinx Switch emulators run Metroid Dread on day 1


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14 Responses

  1. jvhellraiser says:

    Yuzu has issues loading screens, and in some rooms the game over screen glitches etc
    in the other hand Ryujinx did fix this issues and the game run really good, hoping that Yuzu
    fixes the minor issues in the next EX release,.

    • burnok says:

      an running ryujinx metroid at 4k res and its so *** amazing running over a 240fpps on a rtx 3070 with the fps unlock mod… no lags or delays… im like 2 hours gameplay and i had never been so mindblowned… so i am savoring every minute of the game… and asides im gonna buy the game as well i support some games i pirate sometimes

  2. crouch says:

    I don’t think emulators should be prioritizing pre-release/newly released games – no matter how desirable.

  3. grabman says:

    i have it up and running on ps4 as well

  4. Yo says:

    I downloaded it, and it works at 99%, always at 40/60 fps

  5. Silly billy says:

    First time I tried the switch emulator, I gave it a try after the game arrived Friday and it runs almost identical to the switch

    • JamesCameron says:

      Hey, you are not my man silly billy, change your name

    • megabyte01 says:

      While I applaud the emulation technology and it’s apology to preserve and improve games for posterity, I don’t think it’s appropriate to promote digital piracy – especially for a series that needs support from it’s fans in order to stay alive. Please support the official release!

  6. NotANIN-ja says:

    Try before you buy 🙂

  7. NotANIN-ja says:

    Looking good! Try before you buy 🙂