Rockstar will remove GTA titles from digital retailers next week, impacting re3/reVC unofficial ports

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  1. GooSee says:

    Sometimes piiracy is good. That’s why i still got the games on my Vita and PC.

    • Ray says:

      Sometimes!?!? Piracy is ALWAYS good……

      • firstus fan says:

        I think whether it’s good or bad depends on your intentions for pirating. I still understand why it’s illegal. Getting off scot-free just because a game is “no longer available for purchase” wouldn’t be fair in the court of law. Sadly, it’s still up to the publisher if they want to make it abandonware.

        That’s why I think more games should adapt the pay what you want model. That way people would feel more inclined to give something. Kind of like tipping. Then it’s no longer piracy and everyone is happy.

        • GooSee says:

          I live in a country where games (especially discs) were pirated copies and costs money. And originals were impossible to find. Digital copies are still also expensive nowadays for me (taxes and more)

        • Yskar says:

          It’s just considered illegal AND piracy in Brazil if you gain money or things when distributing or using non authorized copies or use it professionally

  2. Firstcu.. nt… says:


  3. Justin says:

    Damn, this is so greedy, intentionally making it so you can only get it on new platforms. Makes me less inclined to buy from them in the future.

  4. Bestus says:

    will “buy” it for switch, te-he

  5. cyberpunk 2077 says:

    I had never buy any gta only title epic free gta 5

  6. JamesCameron says:

    just gonna pirate them on pc like a normal person, Fck rockstar