Final Fantasy V released for PS Vita! (unofficial port)


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15 Responses

  1. Hiya! says:

    Have a Happy Saturday Everyone!

  2. IBeatYou says:


    • Eatmyasssony says:

      You beat your own ***….
      Fu.. ck… playstation….. 5ony r cu… ntz….
      Final Fantasy is boring, always has been…
      Oh yeah… did I say…. Fu.. ck.. playstation and 5ony
      cu.. ntz…

  3. Disgusted says:

    Why all of you tolerating spam in comments? Under every news there are –ALL– comments filled by literally *** idiots… Not a single one comment related to news, not even one which adding any value to the topic! People, what’s wrong with you?

    • 5onygreedycorporatecu..nts… says:

      Disgusted by your comment mate….. most news is
      sh.. it… anyway. Fu… ck… 5ony and their piece of
      sh.. it.. consoles. All have been terrible since PS2, build quality getting worse every generation and just releasing the same old games as “remasters”
      Just another way to make 5ony fanboys have a huge circle jerk and waste more of their money….
      Fu.. ck.. 5ony and the shitstation

      • basement goblin says:

        >Not a single one comment related to news, not even one which adding any value to the topic!
        You are just proving their point lol

    • QueDato says:

      I love these guys hehehe.
      Just need VI and IV for me

  4. Ciao mamma says:

    I’m glad for this port and love Frangar and Rinnegatamante for their work
    But damn do i FCKN LOATHE the artstyle of this Android port
    I wish it could be modded

  5. Dreary traveler says:

    Sony be like, deez’s nuts though

  6. Niko says:

    DQIV port when? That’s the one android port that’s (at least for now) the best way to play (since it adds back the party chat the DS western release removed).
    I’ve been waiting for a proper switch port forever but I’ll take the android version on vita.

    • Schlupi says:

      Hey Niko, You can check out the fanmade patch for the Japanese version of DQIV, just recently they made it so you an patch the JP version and add the Party chat from the Android release, allowing you to play on real hardware DS AND have it English. It would be super sick to see it on Vita, I agree, but in the meantime check this out

  7. nash leonhart says:

    any cheat i can use with this mobile-vita game?

  8. Ace says:

    I need FFVI Port to PS VITA