PS5 Firmware update 21.02-04.02.00


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13 Responses

  1. IBeatFirstus says:


  2. bob says:

    You guys have ps5s? There’s not a single one in my country

  3. David says:

    the one who has money for two PS5, does not think about jailbreak, not now, not later

    • H4Z says:

      Why though? Running emulators and some cool homebrew is a nice thing to have, no? Not everybody wants hacks only for piracy 😉

    • chuckthetekkie says:

      I bought 2 PS4 Pro consoles when they launched. One for online and one to hack. There is more to a hacked console than piracy.

  4. VangNex says:

    Hi Everyone. sorry for off topic. but do we have any news that homebrew hack is available for the new Switch OLED.

  1. October 8, 2021

    […] Sony released Firmware 21.02-04.02.00 a few hours ago for the PlayStation 5. For those of you who hope to get their PS5 hacked one day, we recommend you do …View full source […]