Jailbreak users showcase PS4s with thousands of installed games


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19 Responses

  1. z80 says:


    • IwasHerFirst says:

      You definitely weren’t her first.

    • Fake says:

      How does he have quantum of solace when it was only released on PS3 / 360?

      I’m calling ***…

      • Padawn Gatsu says:

        Simple it was also on PS2 and that is a PS2 Classic he made. Wasn’t only 360/PS3 it was also NDS, PS2, Wii & PC.

      • Bobby says:

        Bro. It’s called PS Now have you even looked at the ps store? Hundreds of games that are “ps3 games” are on there now.

  2. Matias Lorenzo says:

    *** off with that anti piracy disclaimer you actively encourage it with jailbreak news and such *** hypocritic sack of ***

    • Cecil says:

      Why are you here then if you’re against priacy??

    • r says:

      I don’t think you have to be a pirate to prefer your console to be jailbreaked. For some, it’s about making your console do stuff it normally wouldn’t be able to. Also you shouldn’t encourage it even if you were pro-piracy. You know, for legal reasons.

    • Benzter says:

      Wow why the harsh attitude? You can be mad all you want but it’s not gonna change anything. Get with the times dude where companies don’t let you own your own games and hardware anymore. The whole world had to b***** at Sony for the battery bomb problem. Sony was the first company to allow homebrew and now they go against it for some reason. I think that’s why they get busted open all the time.

    • Benito A Vasquez says:

      Kind of agree with you. Big note saying they dont recommend doing it but show news on it. Nombre vato. Get that *** of the screen, you looking like a ***.

      • Natalie says:

        They kind of have to. It avoids backlash on people pointing blame saying so and so is a source of misinformation when they aren’t. Also, as people have said here, Jailbreaking doesn’t equal piracy but piracy does equal jailbreaking. I have a 3DS that I can play every main series pokemon game on it. Does it mean I’ve pirated every game? NOPE, I actually own every single game and I’ve ripped them myself. This article is more about breaking the barrier of how many games installed on a system than it is about piracy. They could easily have copied and pasted an app, say, YouTube and tweaked it to have a different bundle ID to demonstrate the same point. But which article would you want to click on, “Jailbreak users showcase PS4s with thousands of installed games” or “Jailbreak users showcase PS4s with thousands of copies of YouTube installed”?

        • Maav says:

          I’m not against Wololo existing and being anti-piracy, but… creating pieces about privacy when you have such a position is questionable at best.

  3. JamesCameron says:

    man, why are you pretending to be silly billy?

  4. Tyuii says:

    I love pirate but thats to much games i only do like 10 at max then get bored of gaming

  5. J-Dog says:

    I was planning to do this, but I don’t know where they even get that many games.

    They are so scattered around and inconsistent. Some are on Reddit, some on torrent sites, some on blog posts or independent sites. A lot of which have no seeders or are dead links.

    If I knew how to get them consistently, I’d definitely fill up my 5TB external and do the same thing.

  6. Charles Fasano says:

    I have a few hundred PS4 games installed. Bought and PS+ and some disc-only games. I have a 4TB SSD in my PS4 Pro and a 5TB USB.

  7. none says:

    You guys are weird for sayin “first”. Its annoying!

  8. grabman says:

    r u kidding? there’s someone pretending to be grabman now…

  9. JOhnnyTwo says:

    This should be a Guinness World Record