PSA: PS4 bricking payloads circulating on some exploit hosts, Jailbreak users beware


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9 Responses

  1. aaaa884 says:

    Damn, like we aren’t having a bad time already

  2. jajabinx35 says:

    The important question is. Why didn’t the first comment say ‘first’?

  3. ps4user says:

    Why would someone do that to people? Doesn’t make sense. 🙁

  4. fresno says:

    Maybe it comes directly from Sony him self just to make *** in Undrground world Jailbreack.

  5. HELLO says:

    The same reason why for the Switch there were fake games that were bricking systems…. **People are ***hole$*”

  6. Marcus André says:

    Good to know, I did a backup of my sflash0 just to be sure, but I use only the Al Azif and Sleirsgoevy’s hosts, then I don’t think that should be a problem to me.