PS3 Emulation: RPCS3 Team share update with major graphical improvements


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8 Responses

  1. Here says:

    Nice, have to check out that upgrade.

  2. JamesCameron says:

    *click* Noice

  3. Thirdus says:


  4. Jgr9 says:

    Too bad there’s no video or direct link to the post here.

  5. cyberpunk 2078 best game ewer says:

    I have ps3 slim after full service its very quiet

  6. Zolexius says:

    I’ve tried it on my work laptop, 3D Dot Heroes works and then the emulation freezes when going to see the king 🙁 Demon’s Souls was kinda choppy, but I’d have to try it on my gaming rig