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First comparisons pictures of LCD Switch vs new OLED have leaked


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12 Responses

  1. cyberpunk 2078 best game ewer says:

    can it run bf1 bf5 haha

  2. Sietze Teunissen says:

    Nice that they made a bigger screen. Would really love to have one but I am happy with my u patched 2018 model. So, this will be a no go for me. But still, looks really great

  3. Thirdus says:


  4. Ray says:

    Can’t hack it, than *** it!!!

  5. Berc says:

    Nintendo need incomes of this oled model for investing in futures exclusives: botw2, resident evil outrage and other games not anounced on september 23 nintendo direcy

  6. NakedFaerie says:

    They couldve made it so much better but didnt.
    This is about a 1/4 of what they couldve done.
    Im not going to bother with this one.
    Waiting for the next version. Maybe that might be a worthy upgrade as this isnt.

  7. Ali says:

    Is it not that third-party games like Doom or Witcher would look muddier, as they hit as low as 360p in handheld, on the bigger screen?

  8. Gamb says:

    350 dollars for 2016 console nice