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PS4: any hope of an upcoming Jailbreak for 8.xx/9.xx?

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  1. Yuhana says:

    Dear Wololo, was the flow report same? does that first came out as closed, after 3 to 5 month (for second one) it became disclosed

  2. nateT21 says:

    Simply getting a spare ps4 to jailbreak is the best option after all

  3. El segundo says:

    Not first

  4. jimminy cracket says:

    Here are my reasons why this is going to disclose :
    1- he tweeted about as it was confirmed, he may want us not to update
    2- I’m sure zecoxao didn’t tell something based on just one tweet. I think he somehow informed by cturt this is a kernel exploit, and all people to stay on 8.xx
    3- recently al azif sent a no reply tweet with this message : be patient so you get what you want, right after the report showed up in hackerone

    • Bobby says:

      It’s not getting disclosed it would have been disclosed by now. I can confirm hackerone doesn’t change case status once closed. It’s up to Sony to decide wether they will allow it be to disclosed or not. The last exploit that they disclosed they had patched it a few firmwares back already so they decided to go ahead and disclose it as they felt it wouldn’t do much damage to them at the time of closing the case. Since they closed it without disclosing one can assume that Sony either hasn’t patched the exploit yet or just recently did so they don’t feel comfortable having the exploit disclosed. When a case is closed that simply means that Sony tested the submitted bug and confirmed it to be true and decided to take steps to fix said bug. That’s all “closed” means. So obviously Cturts submission isn’t patched yet or is in the process there of. It’s simply a timing deal. So sorry. Cturt could later request directly from Sony if they will allow him to disclose but that’s a major hassle and prob will never happen. By him accepting the hackerone bounty, he can’t disclose without Sony’s permission either.

      So your only hope is that someone else jumps on the wagon, which sounds highly doubtful as most scene info I have seen it seems like very few had any idea about what Cturt was doing until a while after the fact

  5. firtutus says:


  6. none says:

    People say first should be banned from here! It’s annoying.

    And for ETA WEN. Leave it alone and be happy with what you have. Be patient!

  7. Daniel says:

    Even if this guy don’t want to/can’t disclose anything, there is any chance that someone else beside him to figure it out and guve the scene the exploit? Or is this guy or nothing for the future jailbreaks?

  8. Firstus says:

    is it too late to be first?

  9. Pauloc1! says:

    My playstation is still on FW 8.50, but I have noticed that since cturts bounty was paid I cannot use any of the apps on the playstation or pretty much do anything on it without updating the FW? Hopefully it means an exploit for this firmware and playstation are trying to force people to update.

  10. ps5 and xsx sux ass says:

    just wait 4-8 years offline like me

  11. nash leonhart says:

    wait im confuse is the kexpoilt up to 8.52 or 9.00?

  12. Furthe says:

    No. Because scene is finally dead.