Which SSD should you get for your PS5?


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  1. Firstus says:


    • NakedFaerie says:

      WHY are you proud of being first? its proof you have no intelligence to write something meaningful to this subject on hand.
      You are a troll, a waste of space and air. You SHOULD go get the jab as we need less people like you on this planet.

      • Almericpop says:

        You must be new to this website… being first to comment became a kind of tradition back on the days of psp hacking when every time a vulnerable game was posted you needed to be fast to know which one was so you could buy or download before Sony would remove or patch the game…

        • Charles Fasano says:

          Amen. Been here long enough to know that it’s a tradition so it’s kind of annoying to see rude comments about people trying to post the first comment as “FIRST”. People who post rude comments should be the ones to go somewhere else as we don’t need any negative energy here.

    • NakedFaerie says:

      AND, if anyone needs their IP banned from this website its you.
      If I was an admin here you would be banned for life.

  2. TobATon says:

    I think waiting for a bit might be better in this situation. Prices for these are still over the top for storage, might be better to get a slightly smaller drive than trying to go all out spending the same amount of money in storage as the cost of the console itself. I might get a 1TB one for myself if the price is right, then may get something bigger when prices cool down a bit.

  3. call of duty rocks says:

    worst konsole ewer

  4. Will says:

    Lol that’s why I only buy and ps4 games on my ps5 the space is expensive as heck. The only upgrade is the 2 tb and its $435 after taxes. The ps5 comes with a 825mb HD so the only upgrade is really a 2tb.

    • Parker says:

      Ya my ps5 only came with 825mb too. Can’t even transfer saves from the PS Plus cloud

    • NakedFaerie says:

      Want to make the PS4 feel kinda like a PS5? Get a SSD installed. You will double the speed of the PS4 and everything is so responsive.
      Before in game you bring up the GUI and it took about 10 seconds to become responsive. Now its instant.
      Games load so much faster, everything is quicker. Even game textures load so much quicker so games actually look better.

      Yea, this was great for the months before I got the PS5 then I noticed how things are on the PS5, the PS4 wont come to that kind of speeds but it is so much happier with a SSD drive in it.

      I also read these SSDs in the PS5 are also quicker as there is no reading of the OS from the drive, its a dedicated game drive. So yea, get the 2TB and move your games there, there will run just that little bit quicker.

  5. NakedFaerie says:

    I just ordered mine today. Hopefully it wont take too long to arrive.

    And you think the prices are bad? Costs me $665AUD for one. The console costs $750AUD

  6. Charles Fasano says:

    I ordered a 2TB ADATA Gammix S70 direct from ADATA for $300 after tax. It is supposed to come today so I will test and report back. These go for around $300 on their eBay store so if it works it’s a really good deal.

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