Take Two have filed a lawsuit against the creators of Re3 (GTA reverse engineering open source project)

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  1. MarSprite says:

    Damn. We really need to figure out some better rules around intellectual property. People deserve to get paid, but this is ridiculous.

    • Frankwest says:

      Good luck, copyright laws are not meant for the average user. They are made by companies for companies.

    • t3hyoshi says:

      There already was something done about this.

      In ‘Atari v. Nintendo’, the court ruled that reverse engineering code is a fair use. Atari was found guilty of copyright infringement as the code they claimed they reverse engineered was indeed stolen.

      However, in this situation, if used as a support for the defense, it might just go through.

  2. says:

    “irreparable harm” lmao

  3. Kira Slith says:

    If anyone is going to destroy Take Two, it’s their own lawyers dragging their name through the mud right alongside their development houses as they chase frivolous lawsuit after frivolous lawsuit.

  4. pooya says:

    This is all because of the upcoming so called “remastered” ports. they want all available alternatives be deleted from github and other sources online

  5. Charles Fasano says:

    I’m showing Take-Two my IQ (middle finger).

  6. GAMERS says:

    Message from me 2 each of the Take-Two team members: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m_8lARPqbhU&t=73s
    *Mumbling the highest disrespectfull swears in his native language
    rIGHT iN tHE fEELS, yEAH ?

  7. Woitek says:

    Yet another reason to hate Rockstar games. It’s getting ridiculous.

  8. George says:

    Leave these guys alone or hire them. They are mad because they couldn’t see the potential of porting these games over to these console in terms of money of course. These few intelligent people did what all these companies couldn’t. So they say omg they still play these games, they are so many. That is illegal, we might release our versions of these games , instead of releasing flying bikes for gta v, for a few extra cash. These people who messed with us , maybe they’re poor and will go to prison. If not , we will take all of their money , so not bad. At least they will stop giving to people what they want

  9. johan johansson says:

    The Key here is that you have to buy the game and provide youre own purchased gamefiles for this to work. In other words Buy the game to play it

  10. SsJVasto says:

    The VitaDB links lead to empty pages. Seems they were removed since this post was written.

    • GooSee says:

      Yes. They got rid of ALL Rockstar titles including GTA ports, Max Payne and Bully 🙁

    • axeax says:

      The Vita port of Re3’s GitHub page is gone as well. I just hope someone is going to upload some cached version of it (maybe torrent or w/e)

  11. Decadus says:


    For real though, f u ck Take 2.

  12. M4rk_Rent0n says:

    Do we need to launch a petition to force take two to abandoned the pursuit ? You don’t want i play old school on the device of my choice ? *** GTA 6 ! Gamer pays for your game, don’t *** with us…

    • Randy Steele says:

      Petitions never work. There would have to be massive backlash from really big youtubers and online influencers for them to possibly even care. Unless it’s some PR nightmare for them, they’ll continue on business as usual. Even that would probably have no effect. These big companies just don’t give a damn and it looks really bad.

    • bvnf69 says:

      Oh wow, a petition. Take two will surely back down after they see that!

  13. Luziano says:

    Take-Two being Take-Two, as usual.

  14. alexius merome kam says:


  15. JamesCameron says:

    Well I wasn’t really gonna buy a game from them again, now I have another reason apart from that they will never release gta 6

    • Randy Steele says:

      At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if GTA 6 went full MMO and abandoned single player altogether. I’ll never get over that GTA5 didn’t get the single player dlc that wad alluded to way back in the day because the stupid multiplayer was/is just too profitable. Atleast we got RDR2 but it’s not the same thing. The fans of single player gta games enjoyed the games and built up their popularity due to that aspect and then all the kids got involved and ruined it for everyone else.
      I have no doubt that 6 will come out eventually but if it just focuses on the online aspect even more then I don’t have a ton of faith in it. I really hope they prove me wrong though.

      • broken_ak47 says:

        and rdr2 is absolutly unplayable. its worse now than cyberpunk was at its release.
        there is just absolutly no hopes for this compagny.
        but they stay up befauce *** people keep buying shard card , and why ? because the game is unplayable ( be it because of modders , griefers , kids with flying bike , impossible to finish a single *** delivery mission , never ending loading black screen , crash because of corrupt save character data because servers are extremly bad , and so on ).

  16. DrewBrewer says:

    Take2 and Rockstar knows this is not gonna go anywhere as this would also apply to fair use just like how EA reverse engineered the Sega Megadrive\Genesis, the same way that Connectix and Bleem reversed engineered the original Playstation to create their emulator.
    The only thing they need to do is prove that they haven’t used any of Rockstar’s code in court and they are gonna win this case.
    It’s the same reason why Nintendo has not sued the guy that reverse engineered the code of Super Mario 64 that is because they know they will lose in court which is a very odd move from them since they are known to be trigger happy with lawsuits plus they just finished the de-compilation of The Legend of Zelda OOT once that has been reverse engineered then the game can be ported to any platform which I am sure Nintendo doesn’t want to happen but they can’t do a darn thing about it.
    Take2 is just aiming to make an example of these guys by bringing them to court and having them waste a lot of money in their defense really kinda petty of them to boot.

  17. GripAm says:

    These devs should’ve stayed anonymous, reload their stuff on TOR sites then let it propagate to other sites.

    • delete says:

      Which has more users to contribute?
      Github > A self-hosted Gitea instance on tor.
      RE3 wouldn’t be what it is if they made it less accessible.

      • NeCalin says:

        You just saw Wololo caved and removed the links. If they would’ve released it anonymously on TOR then it’ll be harder to take down. Websites that are linked to real identity can be easily threatened by Big Tech. Hopefully devs learn from this and stay hidden.

        • delete says:

          Still doesn’t change the fact that hosting the source code on tor is a recipe to a failed open source project. If keeping my identity hidden were my concern, I would just create a fresh account with a pseudonym on a site such as Gitlab (unrelated but Github doesn’t respect the open source spirit.). By fresh I mean new email, pgp key, even ip address. It might seem overkill but you can never be too sure. A corporation would still be able to take it down but at least I wouldn’t get sued up the ***.

        • Randy Steele says:

          Exactly. You think they would’ve learned this by now. Especially people that work on Nintendo fan games. Seeing what happened to Metroid Prime 2D recently was a huge bummer

  18. rxnlti says:

    reverse enginering then is a crime.

  19. psp411 says:

    enought is enougth, is time to boycot take two???

  20. pooya says:

    apparently SA release page is also removed from github, despite being just a wraparound for android and not providing any game files itself.

  21. anon says:

    If take2 was concerned with “irreparable damage” they should’ve done the sensible thing and released those games for the consoles they were ported to. Only one causing them any real harm at this point is themselves.

  22. Me, myself and I. says:

    Maybe soon we will have a new remake of a trilogy (GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas) that is why they are suing these devs.
    Money, money…

  23. DaniPoo says:

    I thought reverse engineering projects like this usually required you to bring your own legally owned gamefiles and then you decompile and recompile into the port yourself using their decompiler and build scripts.. in these cases no actual sourcecode and no copyrighted files are distributed…

    I guess this is not the case with Re3 then?

    • Me, myself and I. says:

      Look for “Take-Two Suing GTA3 Reverse Engineering devs…and it doesn’t look good | MVG” on YouTube.

  24. Adam says:

    Re3 (Mod GTA3) is again online of github. Just check this lonm

  25. americangamessuck says:

    This from a company whose games glorify violent law breaking. Pathetic.

  26. Mio says:

    Oh God. My Brothers Name is in it…
    Adrian Graber
    My mother told him to stop that project bc of the consequences. He did not listen… :/

  27. axeax says:

    Fact is, even if it was 100% sure a good lawyer could win the cause, how are they supposed to gather the money for it? It’s not like 100€ or anything close to that. *** that, it’s obvious a big company, even if wrong, will win. I’m sick of this world.
    In the meantime, it’s yet another case of rubbing their dicks with a pitiful showoff of “muh right of ownership of my IP” for a game that could possibly still give them a laughable amount of money over the *** android port, and that only, for an amount of loss limited to a part of the PS Vita owners. PS *** Vita. A console known for its huge fail. The reverse engineers simply did the work that Rockstar didn’t; porting the games like many wanted. Or are they actually planning of porting them on a dead device?
    That, and their hindrance to open source development/projects are enough for me to totally say goodbye to both TakeTwo and Rockstar, as I had already done long ago.

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