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We finally know why the new PS5 model is lighter, and it’s not good news


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  1. Firstus says:

    Firstus wins

    • Firstus is dumb says:

      Wins what? Biggest loser on the Internet?

    • Sietze says:

      Jezus, this is so f@cking annoying. Can’t understand why moderators delete this ***.
      I see people commenting and think they have something useful to say in which I can get some information. Please, mods, ban these idiots

      • Charles Fasano says:

        Trying to be the first to say “First” is a Wololo tradition. Let’s not argue with tradition.

  2. Yons says:

    I just want coil whine and fan noises to be sorted out. These are so annoying, especially in graphic demanding games. Xbox doesn’t have such problems at all.

  3. Byte says:

    “It is clear that their engineering teams have concluded that a smaller heatsink will not dramatically impact (..) longevity of the console”

    What is this based on? For the last decade or so, we have evidence Sony equated longevity of the console with that of a simple CR-2032 battery and did their best to make it a non-user replaceable part.(from some models you even need to remove the heat sink to replace it).

  4. c43va says:

    Again no mention of the fact that they are using a slightly smaller dye but are happy to say its not good news. *** you are talking about before writing an article

  5. Curry Mastah says:

    Looks like the SSD manufacturers aren’t the only ones swapping components.

  6. Jerry Mong says:

    Kind of misinformation.
    They reduced the size of it because the heatsink was overextending into where the RAM is, causing undue heat on the RAM.

  7. Imagine listening to Austin Evans says:

    Also; actually using Austin Evans as a valid source. Lol

  1. August 30, 2021

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