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PS Vita – GTA:SA Vita updated to 2.1 (GTA San Andreas Port by TheFloW)


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8 Responses

  1. pooya says:

    It broke the game

    • Jake says:

      Make sure you delete cache so it can de cache

      • pooya says:

        Thanks for the suggestion, But I did clear the cache as I always do after updates. unfortunately it failed to run from live area showing one of those 128xx-x errors (don’t remember the exact number because I downgraded for now).

  2. I am god says:


  3. Solid Bear says:

    broke the game…. delete cache, still broken

  4. crackdown 3 gow 4 not working says:

    just install only earlier vpk 2.0 from brewology and will fix it

  5. Corn Shucker says:

    it seems he deleted the repo page, probably due to the lawsuits that were filed recently