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Details on upcoming PS4 HDMI Patch (video)

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  3. HDMI says:

    how stupid do you have to be and break your HDMI port?

    • HDMI says:

      to instead of and

      • Robofox says:

        I think it really depends on your gaming situation. If you move your console a lot (different households/travel/ etc) I can see you plugging in your hdmi cable a lot or if you have a limited number of HDMI ports and you don’t buy a switch. Wear a tear happens and ports fail I feel no matter how careful you are. I’m sure stupid things happen, people slamming the plug in or slamming there console back against a cabinet it’s in twisting the port happens too.

        I think a good visualization of how often this does happen is just searching ebay for broken no video PS4s. I think making these devices repairable by a wider set of people is a great idea.

    • Anon Joe says:

      This is such a godsend if you repair electronics. It saves so much time and effort. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to break the HDMI. (Or any port for that matter)
      Someday you might be happy this exists.

  4. Johnny says:

    I remember Andrew back when he would ask for help on bgamods, good kid, but 9$ for a qsb, I can repair and entire hdmi circuit in 10 mins, using just insulated wire, doesn’t seem very costly effective and im also wondering how qell it fits in the ps4 casing since its adding another layer of pcb