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PS Vita: Frangar and Rinnegatamante tease upcoming FFIII and FFIV ports, possibly more


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17 Responses

  1. Firstus says:


  2. Fred says:

    why? With Andrenaline you can play the best version ever made of those 2 games… The psp version of FF3 and FF4 Complete Collection.

  3. Wickedchee says:

    Before i despise ff3 4 and after years..since they made it only for iphones and android..
    But when i heard its porting to vita..my nerdgasm arose as well.hope they port ff7 and ff8 hd as well

  4. firstus poop says:

    Firstus why are you such a c u n t ?

    • Some Door says:

      Firstus is probably a bot or something.

      Bro, why even bother commenting like this? Go get laid or something rather than pouring more gas on the fuel.

  5. GBWhatsApp says:

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  6. QueDato says:

    hope they port FFIX and Ace Attorney games

  7. MJR says:

    Simpsons Hit and Run source code just leaked… Just sayin…

  8. George10 says:

    Seems illegal, punishable by law, given proprietary or intellectual content and all that pesky stuff, but hey… it’s the priracy god Rinnegatamante, so we’ll just turn a blind eye.

    • Hugh2Game says:

      No. Not right. Rinnegatamante eould never stoop so low as to engage in intellectual theft. You just jealousy..

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