PS4: possible 8.52 exploit incoming? CTurt sets the scene on fire

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  1. Firstus says:


  2. LittleTale says:

    Great news for the scene . . . Maybe ?
    Hope that the bounty reason will be disclosed soon.

  3. Artax says:

    Excellent¡, maybe soon news?

  4. NoBrakes says:

    If this is an 8.52 exploit, they won’t release details until 9 is released and a lot of consoles are automatically updated would be my guess.

  5. a says:

    Now we need PS5…

    Does anyone know if there’s a way to connect to PSN without updating firmware in PS5? or at least if there’s a way to update games without updating firmware?

  6. cyberpunk 2078 best game ewer says:

    cold war yeah

  7. Jakub Beno says:

    What if i am on 8.00 ?

  8. Cybertake says:

    I need some advice. I’m on 8.00 and should I stay there or should I update now. sorry I put on ps4 away in the shed. don’t want to take it out now unless there is a golden opportunity. I’m not good with complex update using pc download pup and install on usb. I want to take simple way like update direct from ps4 console before it’s FW 9.00 appear. anyway, should I update 8.52 now or just stay there for safety and do a complex update through usb when jailbreak is available.

    • Egopez says:

      stay there at 8.00 and don’t be an idiot, it’s as easy as watching YouTube to update by usb, it will only take you 30 seconds to do it

  9. cDh says:

    lol I’m still on 5.05

  10. crackdown 3 gow 4 not working win 10 says:

    cant wait 7.55 is pain in the *** I cant even install any updates

  11. Mark says:

    Damn, I am willing to pay $10,000 to anyone finding and publishing a working kernel 8.52 exploit!
    I am also certain lots of people will be more than happy to have a scene bounty that will be worth the hacker much more than this amount.

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