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PS4/PS Vita/Switch Release: Resurgent and other GameMaker games


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9 Responses

  1. IBeatFirstus says:

    First again

  2. Firstus says:

    I’ll be first again!!!!!

  3. Chrisser says:

    Also a GameMaker Port for Vita and co.

  4. Me, myself and I. says:

    Resurgent for PS Vita is crashing (BSOD) after ~30 min.
    This scene is where he starts to have a problem with his leg…
    After climbing a leader I am getting BSOD.

    • Jason says:

      Same place I am having the issue, the framerate is drop and cannot continue play. Luckily I didn’t start new game yet\

      • Me, myself and I. says:

        The funny thing is that there are two ports of that game for PS Vita.
        One made by m1s3ry the other by Markus95.
        Both have almost identical problems at the same time.

        In Markus95’s port framerate drop significantly and you cannot do anything.
        In m1s3ry’s port you are only getting BSOD…

  5. Leo says:

    Please someone make AM2R for vita

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